1:400 to 1:600 Scale Photo-Etch Reviews
Atlantic Models
HMS Devonshire, Modern British Destroyer Brass Photo-Etch Fret, Atlantic Models 1:600 Scale for the Airfix Kit, Review by Steve Backer - The Atlantic
relief-etched brass fret designed specifically for the Airfix HMS Devonshire, modern British destroyer in 1:600 scale is an absolute necessity if you are
going to bulld the Airfix model. The design, detail and fineness of the brass parts take the Airfix model to replica level.        
HMS Tiger Class, Modern British Light Cruiser Brass Photo-Etch Fret, Atlantic Models 1:415 Scale for the Frog/Novo Kit, Review by Steve Backer - The
Atlantic Models relief-etched brass photo-etch fret in 1:415 scale is an essential addition to the Frog/Novo plastic kit of the modern British light cruiser of the HMS
Tiger Class
. You can not find a better addition for this kit, as the Atlantic Models fret multiplies the detail with superb brass parts and instructions.
Royal Navy Watertight Doors and Hatches, Atlantic Models 1:600 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Stalwart of the British Empire, Peter Hall, brings us delightful
accessories for the Airfix models of Royal Navy warships in 1:600 scale. One such accessory is a fret of
Royal Navy Watertight Doors and Hatches, set ATEM
. This set is absolutely scrumptious with 23 different pattern doors, hatches and covers, every on of which has beautiful relief-etching.
Safety Cage Vertical Ladder, L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale, Set AC400-39 - L'Arsenal has had the foresight to care for your miniature sailors in 1:400 scale. Jacques and
the gang have produced brass photo-etch set
AC400-39, which includes six safety cage vertical ladders.
Rigging Rings - Eye Bolts, Photo-Etch Rigging Set L'Arsenal 1:350 to 1:400 Scale - Do you insist that your models be as accurate as possible?  Perhaps you
would wish to have a more realistic method of securing your rigging to your model other than gluing the rigging to the mast, yard or bulkhead. Now there is a
product that addresses these issues.
L'Arsenal has produced a stainless steel fret that provides the answers. Set AC 350-29 provides rigging rings, eye bolts, for
models in 1:350 to 1:400 scale.
Gold Medal Models
USS Ward / Four Piper Brass Photo-Etch Set, Gold Medal Models 1:400 Scale - Most modelers acquire a kit and then the photo-etch to supplement it. With the
Gold Medal Models fret in 1:400 scale for the USS Ward/ flush-deck destroyers, the reverse is true. You are tempted to get the brass first and then the model
to supplement the fret. If you are looking for a model kit to supplement an excellent photo-etch fret, you may consider one of the Mirage 1:400 scale models of the
classic flush deck/four-piper destroyers. This kit would work perfectly to complement your
GMM photo-etch.
Akagi, 1:450 Scale Brass Photo-Etch Fret - The largest Japanese aircraft carrier model is the 1:450 scale Akagi produced by Hasegawa. Gold Medal Models has
now produced a brass photo-etched fret that provides all of the goodies to keep the kit competitive.
Gold Medal Models 1:540 Set for Revell USN Carriers  by Les Dorr  
Tom's Model Works
HMS King George V Brass Photo-Etch Set for the Airfix Kit, Tom's Model Works 1:600 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Tom's Model Works produces a solid,
inexpensive brass photo-etch fret specifically for the
HMS King George V kit produced by Airfix in 1:600 scale. The set has a strong emphasis on the various types
of radar and electronic equipment carried by the battleship.
HMS Rodney & Nelson Brass Photo-Etch Set, Tom's Model Works 1:600 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Are you tired of paying a lot more for a photo-etch set  
to upgrade a kit than the kit itself? As of October 12, 2016 the
Tom's Model Works Rodney/Nelson 1:600 brass fret is only $14.75 on the Tom's web site. That
makes the Airfix kit with
Tom's photo-etch less expensive than many 1:72 aircraft kits. Don't leave home with Rodney without Tom's.
Kriegsmarine Type VII Medium U-Boat Photo-Etch Fret in 1:400 Scale from Toms Modelworks - The Polish model company of Mirage produces a great number
of model kits in 1:400 scale of the Kriegsmarine's U-Boat fleet. The most numerous of these submarine types was the medium size ocean going
Type VII and Mirage
produces numerous variants of this class.
Tom's Modelworks has produced a brass photo-etch fret in 1:400 scale specifically designed for the Mirage kits. Toms
gives you enough brass detail parts to outfit your own wolf pack. On this fret are brass parts for five U-Boats. Brass details are provided for the
Type VIIB, Type
, Type VIIC III Biber, Type VIIC-41 TII and your choice of a Type VIIC TIV or Type VIIC-41 TIV. Review by Steve Backer.
Graf Spee & Scheer - A look at the new Tom's Model Works two fret photo-etched brass set designed for the Heller 1:400 scale Admiral Graf Spee and Admiral
, World War Two German Panzershiffes.
Scharnhorst & Gneisenau - A look at the new Tom's Model Works two fret photo-etched brass set designed for the Heller 1:400 scale Scharnhorst and
Gneisenau, World War Two German Battlecruisers.
White Ensign Models
DKM Cable Reels, White Ensign Models 1:400 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - For modelers of the warships of the Deutsche Kriegsmarine built from the wide
range of Heller kits in 1:400 scale,
White Ensign Models brass photo-etch set PE 4013 is a necessary addition.
German Pocket Battleships Brass Photo-Etch Set, White Ensign Models 1:400 Scale - Mad Pete and the Panzerschiffes has the grandeur and spectacle for which
White Ensign Models is justly renowned. In 1:400 scale the set is designed specifically for the three Heller models of panzerschiffes, also know as pocket
battleships. This comprehensive brass fret abounds in relief-etched detail and covers almost every system for the three panzershiffes.
Kriegsmarine Portholes & Doors, White Ensign Models 1:400 Scale - Panzerschiffe, Kreuzer or Schlactschiffe, which ever you choose, the model will have plenty
of bare portholes and nondescript doors that can use the luxury plumage that is provided by White Ensign Models in this fret.
HMS Illustrious/Victorious Brass Photo-Etch Detail Set, White Ensign Models 1:400 Scale - You don’t need the eyes of an eagle to see that the White Ensign
1:400 scale photo-etch set for HMS Illustrious/Victorious is a first class product. This glorious British product can be yours through the submission of a
pittance to the indefatigable folks at
WEM. You will be furious with yourself if you fail to do so.
King George V Class, WWII British Battleship, White Ensign Models 1:400 Scale - Designed specifically for the 1:400 scale model of the King George V produced
by Heller, one of the newest products from
White Ensign Models is a two fret brass photo-etched set from the model. WEM, as always, sets a high standard and
includes parts unique to individual ships of the class. Review by Steve Backer.
Kriegsmarine Anti Aircraft Weapons in 1:400 Scale by White Ensign Models - For everybody building Scharnhorst, Gneisenau or any other 1:400 scale model of
the warships of the Kriegsmarine,
White Ensign Models has produced an indispensable brass photo-etch fret of the light AA weapons of the German Navy in
World War 2. This fret has parts for the single 20mm, twin 20mm, quad 20mm, twin 37mm and single 40mm anti aircraft guns and is
WEM PE 4006. Review by
Steve Backer.  
HMS Repulse Brass Photo-Etch Set in 1:600 Scale from White Ensign Models - The HMS Repulse kit from Airfix in 1:600 scale has been released again from
Frog. As one of the classic Airfix kits in the 1:600 range of Royal Navy warships of World War Two, the detail of the model can be greatly enhanced with the
White Ensign Models photo-etched brass set designed specifically for this kit. The stock number is WEM PE 620. Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Hood Brass Fret in 1:400 - This new fret from White Ensign Models is specifically designed for the 1:400 scale HMS Hood by Heller.