1:50 to 1:300 Scale Photo-Etch Reviews
Atlantic Models
Trinity House Lightship Brass Photo-Etch Set, Atlantic Models 1:110 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Your Trinity House Lightship in 1:110 scale will shine
brighter than a galaxy of stars with the relief-etched brass photo-etch set from
Atlantic Models by Peter Hall.
IJN 25mm AA Gun Mounts, GPM 1:200 Scale - Bob Buchanan ran across these products and thought that other IJN modelers may like to know of their existence.
Whether you have the giant Nichimo Yamato in 1:200 scale or any number of the Nichimo IJN destroyers, these products should be of great interest to you.
Nautilus Models
Fletcher Class Brass Photo-Etch Set, Nautilus Models 1:144 Scale - The USS Fletcher in 1:144 scale is a big model that presents big opportunities for super
Nautilus Models has thrown their chainsaw into the ring and produced a large two fret set of brass photo-etch for the Revell of Germany kit. Reviewed by
Charles Landrum.
Tom's Modelworks
USN Doors Brass Photo-Etch, Tom's Modelworks 1:192 Scale - What about doors in 1:192 scale? At this size the doors are so large that minute detail can be seen.
Tom's Modelworks has a product that will give the 1:192 scale modeler doors of the greatest detail. Set #2012 provides relief-etched detail with almost each part.
Tom's Modelworks 1:232 USS Olympia set for use with Revell kit
Tom's Modelworks 1:250 Destroyer Escort set for Revell Buckley DE/ HMS Bligh  
Tom's Modelworks 1/225th USS Oregon brass set for Glencoe kit
White Ensign Models
German Type VIIC U-Boat Brass Photo-Etch Set, White Ensign Models 1:72 Scale - Another Halloween has rolled around and it is time for another eerie tale of an
insane scientist breathing life into an inanimate object.
Mad Pete is at it again, as he brings life to his children of the night, the Gray Wolves of the Atlantic. On this
haunted evening we will look at his creation of the
White Ensign Models PE #7203, designed specifically for the Revell-Germany Type VIIC U-Boat in 1:72 scale.
Review by Steve Backer.
Brass for the Trumpeter 1:200 Russian Destroyer Sovremenny, White Ensign Models has produced a large and expensive two fret brass photo-etched set for this
large model. Is it worth the expense? That, as with beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
Photo-Etched Brass Fret Set for the S-100, White Ensign Models has produced a two fret set, specifically designed for the Schnellboote S-100 from Revell in 1:72