American Civil War Gallery
USS Keokuk, Union Citadel Ironclad 1863, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Mark Leonard - This is Mark Leonard's build of the Flagship
1/192 USS Keokuk , a twin-screw Union warship which carried an experimental composite armor scheme of wood sandwiched between iron
and covered overall with a ½ inch iron sheath.
CSS Teaser, Armed Tug Boat, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Rusty White - Here is Rusty White's build of his Flagship Models kit of the
1/192 scale
CSS Teaser.  Rusty needed a built up version for the box art as well as a mounting for the upcoming Civil War Reconnaissance Balloon kit
which will be released soon. The model was built straight from the box and weathered with oil washes.
USS Monitor 1862. Cottage Industry Models 1:96 Scale, Built by David Nanberg - David Nanberg started with William Blackmore's excellent
Cottage Industry Models 1/96 scale USS Monitor resin kit and constructed most of the interior below deck.
CSS Manassas, Thoroughbred Miniatures 1:160 Scale, Built by David LaPell - Here are photos of a Thoroughbred Miniatures 1/160 scale CSS
. The model was built out of the box by David LaPell.
CSS Palmetto State, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Arthur Macon - This build is a Flagship Models 1/192 scale CSS Palmetto State. Arthur
constructed this based on the watercolor drawing by Charles C. Cawson cir. 1862.
CSS Tennessee, Defender of Mobile, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Lamar Jones - This is a build from Rusty White's Flagship Models
series. Built by
Lamar Jones, the CSS Tennessee is an interesting subject. Scale is 1/192 scale.