American Civil War Warship Reviews

CSS Chattahoochee, Confederate Gunboat 1863, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Flagship Models 1:192 scale multimedia kit provides an intriguing model on an esoteric
subject, the gunboat
CSS Chattahoochee. Built far up her namesake river, the Confederacy had grand plans for the Chattahoochee, giving her three masts and a bowsprit as well as an engine for
clearing the Gulf of Mexico of Yankee predators. As usual, Confederate plans proved far more grand than subsequent reality.
CSS Arkansas, Confederate Ironclad Ram 1862, Flagship Models, 1:192 Scale, Reiew by Steve Backer - The Flagship Models CSS Arkansas 1:192 scale ironclad ram is ready to shove those blue
belly scalawags up the Yazoo and get those pasty faced carpetbaggers on the Great Skeedaddle. You too can have the Beast of the Mississippi and free the Magnolia State of blue vermin, thanks to
Flagship Models. Just keep Earl Van Dorn away from the kit.
USS Chimo, Union Ironclad Torpedo Boat 1865, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Listen up you devotees of the Military-Industrial Complex and weapons systems that are
grossly over-priced and don’t work, the
USS Chimo is for you. Government bureaucrats and miscreants totally botched a John Ericsson design and ended up with a lightly armored spar-torpedo boat
too slow to be used in the role.
Flagship Models has produced a 1:192 scale multi-media model of this hapless white elephant.
CSS Tallahassee, Commerce Raider 1864, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Flagship Models has again perfectly hit their niche with CSS Tallahassee in 1:192 scale, one of the
seven successful commerce raiders of the Confederate States Navy. The kit can also be built as the raider
CSS Olustee with three guns or unarmed blockade runner Atlanta/Chameleon, as these were
other names carried by this ship.
USS Keokuk 1863, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale - With the Flagship Models USS Keokuk the modeler gets a 1:192nd scale model of one of the more bizarre ironclad designs of the American Civil
War. With a turtle back hull, fixed armored gun towers and prominent ram, no one will mistake the fighting
Keokuk for a plain Jane monitor. All the parts are present in resin, white metal and
relief-etched brass for a waterline or full hull version of this ill fated ironclad
USS Monitor 1862, Cottage Industry Models 1:96 Scale - The USS Monitor was a historic ship. With the 1:96th scale USS Monitor from Cottage Industry Models you can do it up right. Featuring
fine resin casting, a host of white metal parts and other metal parts,
Cottage Industry provides all of the elements for a fine, large model of the ship that proved the superiority of the turret over the
then conventional broadside ship.
USS Monitor 1862, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Review by Mark Leonard - The bottom line for Mark Leonard on the USS Monitor in 1:192 scale by Flagship Models is that it is a well-done kit of
the most significant US Navy warship of the Civil War. You can do it in early or late fit. An excellent kit for the builder who wants to try his hand at resin, and enough extra ‘goodies’ so that more
experienced types can show off a bit.
USS Monitor 1862, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale - It is time to make those southern vermin pay for their wanton violation of Columbia. In response to the slow, lumbering "Colossus of Roads" in the
form of the
Virginia attacking the squadron at Hampton Roads, the stalwart sons of the north have the nimble, hard-punching Monitor that floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. With the Flagship
1:192 scale USS Monitor the Union is saved!
CSS Virginia, Ex-Merrimack Confederate Ironclad 1862, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale - Not for the timid, the Flagship CSS Virginia is the biggest of the big. The kit provides the resin, white metal
and brass parts to build into a truly impressive model. All you need now is to remember to bring your solid shot for your Brooke’s rifles to defeat those Yankee scalawags on the
USS Cairo, Eads City Class Ironclad, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale - By Jiminey! These boats will route the Secsesh! Finally those valiant Billy Yanks in blue will have a worthy weapon to take on
those skulking rebs. Not only is it an ironclad but it is one of the most important and active classes of ironclads in the war.
Flagship Models has produced a worthy 1:192 scale model of the USS
, one of the seven City Class Union casemate ironclads.
USS Monadnock, Twin Turret Monitor, Cottage Industries Models 1:96 Scale - Its time for the attack of the Monster Monitor; folks, this kit is huge! This is an Out Of the Box review of the 1:96
USS Monadnock, the latest effort from Cottage Industries Models, William Blackmore, owner and creator of the kit. This review by Bradford Chaucer is based on one of the first
production versions.
CSS Tennessee, The Beast of Mobile Bay, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale - Now you fly the flag of the Pride of the Confederacy, Selma's own CSS Tennessee. Thanks to Flagship Models, Admiral
Buchanan's flagship can again charge Farragut's entire fleet. The model provides not only one of the most historically important Confederate ironclads but also does so in the large 1:192 scale in
handsome style, with photo-etch and flags.
CSS Manassas, The Gray Turtle of the Mississippi, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Review by Mark Leonard - On April 18, 1862 the Executive Officer of the USS Mississippi looked up the river for
which his ship was named and saw an odd craft approaching. "I saw what appeared like the back of an enormous turtle painted lead color, which I identified as the ram
Manassas." The young
Lieutenant George Dewey maneuvered the
Mississippi so that the Confederate ram only managed a glancing blow. Mark Leonard reviews the 1:192 scale model of CSS Manassas produced by
Flagship Models.
CSS Chicora, Confederate Casemate Ironclad 1863, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale - Flagship Models has powered up the CSS Chicora in 1:192 scale. Although some extra effort is required of the
modeler for certain details, the kit features good castings in resin and white metal. The large brass photo-etch fret included by
Flagship adds greatly to the detail and value of Chicora. All in all, it is an
impressive first effort from
USS Dunderberg, Union Casemate Ironclad 1867, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has produced a very unusual but fascinating model. Their 1:700 scale Dunderberg is a replica of the largest
ironclad produced during the American Civil War. An additional attraction is that if you wish to attack Kolberg, you can model the French
Rochambeau. The model is easy to build but offers a platform
for layers of extra detail. If you like the odd and bizarre, the
Combrig Dunderberg is for you. Review by Steve Backer.
CSS Tallahassee, Confederate Raider, Lone Star Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Mark LeonardCSS Tallahassee was a British built commerce raider for the Confederacy. In her short five-year life
as raider, blockade-runner and merchant ship, she had seven names.
Mark Leonard has built the 1:192 scale model of Tallahassee from Lone Star Models. Review by Mark Leonard.
CSS Palmetto State, The Ladies' Gunboat, Cottage Industry Models 1:96 Scale - Charleston, South Carolina is known for its grace, charm and of course Southern hospitality but early in 1863 the
Yankee blockading squadron had overstayed its welcome. The southern ram ironclads
CSS Palmetto State and Chicora went out to greet the blockaders. Early in the morning of January 30, 1863 both
ironclads made for the harbor entrance as they steamed past Fort Sumter. On that night the moon was only three days short of full, so there was plenty of light, even though it was in the middle of the
night. Outside of the harbor the Union blockading squadron had no idea as to what was about to descend upon them.
Cottage Industry Models produces an 1:96 scale model of one of the most
successful ironclads of the Confederacy,
CSS Palmetto State. Review by Steve Backer.
CSS Arkansas, Red Ironclad of the Mississippi, Old Steam Navy 1:96 Scale - The operational life of the Confederate Steam Ram CSS Arkansas spanned the period of July 12 to August 6, 1862 but it
was 25 days of glory. The
Arkansas defied two Union squadrons and successfully fought three battles  in one day. Through the skill and courage of her crew the Confederacy won a strategic victory,
which was promptly thrown away by General Earl Van Dorn, CSA.
Old Steam Navy has produced a 1:96 scale model of the fighting ironclad. Review by Steve Backer.
USS Monitor, Verlinden 1:200 Scale - Verlinden, a company best known for producing high quality diorama accessories in resin, has produced a resin kit of the USS Monitor. the Union's Cheesebox
on a Raft. The model is in 1:200 scale and has resin parts with no photo-etch.
Ed Grune provides a review of his build of the kit.
USS Monitor - Two new kits of the USS Monitor are just making an appearance. One of them is the first new injection plastic kit of this important warship since the 1950s. Bob Santos has built the
1:144 scale kit of
USS Monitor from Battle Axe and reviews the product.
CSS Hunley - A Build Review by Brad Crisler of the Cottage Industries 1:72nd scale kit of the first successful submarine.
Revell 1:96 CSS Alabama/USS Kearsarge Comparative Review by Joel Labow
Cottage Industry Models 1/96 USS Keokuk - by Alberto Rada
Thoroughbred 1/600th CSS Tennessee - by Rob Mackie