Battleship Reviews
SMS Lothringen 1906, Braunschweig Class Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig 1:700 scale SMS Lothringen is a very good kit. Very similar to the Combrig kit of sistership SMS Elsass,
Lothringen kit has more platforms and searchlights. The kit comes with excellent resin cast parts and a medium sized brass photo-etch fret.        
USS New Mexico BB-40 1944 Fit, Orange Hobby 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - I haven’t seen every 1:700 scale model warship kit released in 2020 but of the kits that I have seen, the Orange Hobby 1:700 scale USS
New Mexico
BB-40 1944 fit ranks at the top. The only real gripe that I have about the parts is the lack of butt end detail on the deck planking. The instructions definitely could be better, as they are too concentrated, making them
hard to follow. In spite of this, I still rank this kit as Best of the Year.
SMS Seydlitz, Chuan Yu Model 1:200 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - If a Grossenkreuzer in 1:200 scale is your cup of schnapps, then the 3D printed model of the SMS Seydlitz from Chuan Yu Model fills the cup to the brim.
With fine 3D printed parts, twelve photo-etched frets with a high degree of relief-etching, hundreds of turned brass parts, wooden decks and paint masks, and even electric motors and running gear for a radio controlled
you get a lot to work on with the Chuan Yu
SMS Seydlitz.
HMS Temeraire, Bellerophon Class Battleship 1909, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Temeraire is very close to the models that Combrig produced for sisterships, Bellerophon
Superb. However, it does have some differences from the other two. The most noticeable difference is the angular face for the navigation deck, as opposed from the curved faces on the other two. Tripod platforms are
different as well.
USS New Jersey BB-16, Virginia Class Battleship 1910, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Iron Shipwright USS New Jersey BB-16 in 1:350 scale presents a very interesting model. It comes with resin
parts, 3D printed cage masts, three brass photo-etch frets and a decal sheet. A few areas of the assembly will require additional research. However, the makings are there to build a very attractive and unusual model of the
with her delicious double storey main gun turrets.
HMS Inflexible 1881, Nathaniel Barnaby's Greatest Design, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Join The Ocean Swell and Boy Captain Jacky Fisher as the monster 16-Inch muzzle loading rifles of Jacky’s new
HMS Inflexible, blast the pantaloons off the mutinous soldiers of Ahmed Urabi, who had just slaughtered 150 Europeans in Alexandria. You can with the Combrig  multimedia 1:700 scale model of HMS Inflexible in
her 1881 fit, which will please the Queen Empress. After all,
Inflexible is DNC Nathaniel Barnaby’s most startling and powerful design.
USS Arkansas BB-33 1944, Tom's Modelworks 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Toms Modelworks USS Arkansas 1944 in 1:700 scale is an interesting kit. It is a true multimedia kit with plenty resin parts, plastic
parts, plastic rods, four brass photo-etch frets, turned brass 12-inch gun barrels and two decal sheets. It is a good kit, although not perfect. If you want a 1:700 scale model of the last operational 12-inch gun fighting battleship,
Tom’s Arkansas is for you.
SMS Elsass 1904, Braunschweig Class Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Beware John Bull! With the magnificent new Navy Law, Kaiser Bill is furnishing his navy with hard charging battleships, which
will make your knees knock, your heart flutter, your body go into uncontrollable tremors and spasms. Behold the
SMS Elsass, the second battleship of the Braunschweig Class. With her incredibly fast-firing 11-inch guns, neither
you nor any other power will threaten the Reich’s place in the sun!
HMS Royal Oak 1939, R Class Battleship, Orange Hobby 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Orange Hobby HMS Royal Oak in 1:700 scale is a beautifully produced kit with a cornucopia of intricate detail. A true
multimedia kit with optional lower hull, extraordinarily detailed hull, three brass photo-etch frets, turned brass barrels for 15-inch and 6-inch guns, and wooden stand, the kit has everything. However, in my opinion, it is marred by
the lack of any wooden plank deck lines. Still, it is highly recommended and further, it is the only
R Class available.
HMS Orion 1916, The First Superdreadnought, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Don’t miss your Golden Moment as expressed by Captain Dryer on the denial of Orion opening fire on skulking German
cruisers, you can make good the mistake with the
Iron Shipwright HMS Orion in 1:350 scale. Make Kaiser Bill weak in the knees with the First Superdreadnought. This kit will build into a model with an impressive profile as R.
A. Burt stated about the profile of the original
HMS Orion.
HMS Agincourt 1914, The Gin Palace, Flyhawk Deluxe 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Flyhawk 1:700 scale HMS Agincourt is a superb kit. Whether you get the basic version or deluxe version, you will get one of
the finest plastic warship models in this most popular scale.
HMS Superb 1909, Bellerophon Class Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The contents of the  Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Superb kit are identical to the kit of the Combrig Bellerophon but there is a
difference between the two in the parts used.  This is the platform under the fore control top. With this kit
Combrig also significantly improved their instructions.
HMS Colossus 1911, British Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig kit of the HMS Colossus in 1:700 scale is highly recommended. Everything is provided, except for plastic rod, to build an
extremely detailed model of the only British battleship of the main body of the Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland to receive hits from heavy German shells.
HMS Bellerophon 1909, British Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Bellerophon kit provides the ingredients for a beautiful model of the follow up of HMS Dreadnought.
Although a near repeat of
Dreadnought, the Bellerophon with two tripods mounted in front of the stacks, provides a more imposing and graceful profile. With this kit Combrig also significantly improved their instructions.
Novorossiisk, Russian Battleship 1950, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig 1:700 Novorossiisk provides a compete, detailed mode of one of the oldest serving battleships, serving from World War One
to well into the atomic era when most battleships of any era had disappeared. With the Soviet AA gun mounts it certainly supplies a different build than the Italian fit kits for
Giulio Cesare and Conte di Cavour.
HMS Neptune 1911, British Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig HMS Neptune in 1:700 scale is a very fine kit to build the Royal Navy’s first foray beyond the original layout of HMS
, with the introduction of a superfiring 12-inch gun turret aft and the inclusion of glorious flying boat decks.
USS New Hampshire BB-25, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Send the Granite State to sea! The Combrig 1:700 scale USS New Hampshire BB-25 is a lovely kit of the last USN predreadnought battleship. She is
different from her sisters of the
Connecticut Class to give you variety in your fleet. The kit has very fine resin parts, a good brass photo-etch fret but no photo-etch railing.
USS Massachusetts BB-2 1898, Blue Ridge Models 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Blue Ridge Models 1:700 scale USS Massachusetts BB-2 is at the top of the heap in quality and value among models in this scale. It
is definitely among the best models available. Although in reality
Massachusetts was riding fat, dumb, and sassy coaling at Guantanamo Bay when the Spanish Squadron sortied from Santiago, you can have your Blue Ridge
Massachusetts ready for any fight, whether at Santiago or any modeling show.
HMS Canada 1915, British Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig HMS Canada in 1:700 scale is a very good kit. Resin quality is excellent and it comes with a brass photo-etch fret. The kit is
only marred by the instructions but they are still usable with patience and cross referencing the included plan and profile drawings.  
USS Louisiana BB-19 1906, Niko Model 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Niko USS Louisiana 1906 in 1:700 scale is a nice kit.  I particularly like the Louisiana state pelican on the bow scroll. This kit shows the ship
in her as built, Great White Fleet appearance and will really stand out in the white and buff livery of the cruise. Teddy Roosevelt liked the
Louisiana and so will you.
HMS Marlborough 1918, Iron Duke Class Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The HMS Marlborough was the only British battleship to take a torpedo hit during the Battle of Jutland and came very close
to taking others during and after the battle. As it was, there were still thoughts of removing her crew. This handsome member of the
Iron Duke Class is available in 1:700 scale from Combrig in the 1918 fit of HMS Marlborough.
HMS Lord Nelson 1908, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Lord Nelson is a very nice kit of this unique ship. Although not perfect, the multi-media kit provides almost everything
needed to replicate in miniature this historic battleship.
HMS King George V 1912, Combrig 1:700 Sclae, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig King George V 1:700 scale kit has increased the detail from previous Combrig releases on other classes of British battleships, such as
Orion Class. The resin hull has more detail and the brass photo-etch fret has significantly improved from past releases. The only thing that did not change was the instructions. This kit provides a crucial missing link in the
Combrig releases of the different classes of British battleships and will build into a very handsome replica,
HMS Conqueror 1912, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig HMS Conqueror in 1:700 scale provides a detailed multi-media model of the last of the Orion Class Superdreadnoughts. Now, with the help
Combrig, you can chant, “We want eight and we won’t wait!” for your own Supplemental Building Program and put to shame the 1:700 building program of the Huns.
Peresvet, Imperial Russian Battleship-Cruiser 1901, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - If you admire unique examples of naval architecture, the Imperial Russian Battleship-Cruiser Peresvet is for you. With
towering freeboard, bristling with guns on a tumblehome hull, the
Peresvet looks like an imposing castle. Combrig captures the look of these creations with their multi-media kit of Peresvet in 1:350 scale.
HMS Lord Nelson, British Battleship 1908, HobbyBoss 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The HobyBoss HMS Lord Nelson in 1:350 scale is a very nice kit, one of the best yet from HobbyBoss. Priced very low for what
you get, this
Lord Nelson is excellent from the box for a full hull build.
USS Georgia BB-15 1906, Virginia Class Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig USS Georgia BB-15 in 1:700 scale provides a detailed multi-media model for this member of double storied
turret ship of the
Virginia Class. One of the strong points of the kit is the different shaped aft decks for different members of the class, including the Georgia. As Brandon at Free Time Hobbies would say, Go Dawgs!!!  Or is it
a Yellow Jacket for the Blue Jackets?  
SMS von der Tann, Imperial German Battlecruiser 1910, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig SMS von der Tann in 1:350 scale includes finely cast resin parts and relief-etched brass parts. It is
clearly one of the best kits from
Combrig in this scale and is highly recommended.
Voltaire 1911, French Danton Class Battleship, HobbyBoss 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Is the HobbyBoss Voltaire in 1:350 scale right for you? There are minor differences between the Danton and Voltaire kits from
HobbyBoss but basically it is the same kit. This plastic kit has the same quality parts with three brass photo-etch frets and metal anchor chain.
Oslyabya, Imperial Russian Battleship, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Overall, Oslyabya is a good release from Combrig. In one way, Combrig took a step forward with improved planking and more detail in
some assembly guide illustrations but at the same time they took a step back by omitting ship railings and a helpful illustration from the assembly instructions. Still this is a welcome addition to modeling a 1:350 scale Imperial
Russian Navy fleet.
HMS Agamemnon 1908, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig HMS Agamemnon has its flaws, especially the lack of a torpedo net system, which was carried for the entire war; However, this kit can
be built into a very attractive model of what has been described as an ugly ship. How can any design with eight major gun turrets, flying deck with boat skid frame above that and a plethora of platforms be described as ugly?
SMS Lutzow, German Battlecruiser 1916, Flyhawk Model Limited Edition 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Flyhawk SMS Lutzow Limited Edition kit in 1:700 scale packs a lot for your money. Not only do you get a
highly detailed kit of Hipper’s flagship at the Battle of Jutland, which includes torpedo netting as well as net booms, but also, you get a second complete kit as a bonus.
Flyhawk throws in a model of the G-37 large torpedo boat
(destroyer) with photo-etch fret and decals of its own.
Kongo 1914, Imperial Japanese Battlecruiser As Built, Kajika 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Kajika Kongo in the 1914, as built fit, is a superb plastic model, cloaked with outstanding detail. The kit has the plastic
parts only with no photo-etch. However, separate Kajika packs are available designed for this kit, offering relief-etched brass photo-etched, turned brass barrels and wooden deck planking.
Dunkerque, French Battlecruiser, HobbyBoss 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Is it time to hunt down the skulking Scharnhorst and Gneisenau with Dunkerque in company with the stately HMS Hood of your best ally in
November 1939?  Or is it time to have 15-inch shells from the very same
HMS Hood of perfidious Albion smash into your Dunkerque and force you aground in July 1940? Either way you’re covered with the HobbyBoss 1:350
scale model of the French battlecruiser
SMS Seydlitz, German Battlecruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Reiew by Steve Backer - The Combrig 1:700 scale model of the SMS Seydlitz is a good solid kit. The kit will build into a post Jutland Seydlitz with minimal work. The
greatest shortcoming of the kit is the lack of torpedo nets, net shelves and net booms, which are necessary to portray the
Seydlitz from commissioning through the Battle of Jutland.
USS Michigan BB-27, Samek 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Samek provides a very nice multimedia model that can be built as the USS Michigan or the USS South Carolina. With a piled superstructure, the first all big
gun battleships to be designed, before
HMS Dreadnought, the ships have a strong family resemblance with the previous USN predreadnought designs.
HMS Hood, Turret Battleship 1893, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Now you can build the pride of Admiral Sir Arthur Hood, First Sea Lord of the Admiralty, the last turret battleship of the Royal Navy, HMS
of 1893. The Combrig HMS Hood 1893 kit is a good kit in spite of a few blemishes.
SMS Baden, Imperial German Battleship, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Combrig provides a very good kit of SMS Baden in 1:350 scale, the pinnacle of German World War One dreadnought design. You get
crisp clean resin castings but a limited amount of photo-etch brass. This kit was released four years ago, so there are some shortcomings, like the lack of railings and assembly instructions that could be better.
Danton, French Battleship, Hobby Boss 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Hobby Boss has come out with a very fine kit in their French predreadnought battleship Danton in 1:350 scale. This plastic kit has quality parts with
three brass photo-etch frets and metal anchor chain. There is a lot of quality for the low to moderate price point of the kit and is very good value.
Fuso 1900 Fit, Central Battery Ironclad, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig 1:700 scale Fuso, central battery ironclad, is clearly an unusual subject. Built on the Thames, she was the first English built
capital ship for the Imperial Japanese Navy. As the only Japanese warship with side armor, she was part of the main body of the Japanese Fleet at the Battle of the Yalu in 1894, in which she engaged two Chinese battleships. This
is a low cost resin model, suitable for beginners, but with high quality resin parts.
Huascar, Peruvian Cole Turret Ironclad, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Overall the Huascar in 1:350 scale appears to be fairly good release from Combrig, although there are some issues if you wish to build a
fully accurate model of
Huascar. Felix Bustelo always found this ship very interesting and his wish for a 1:350 scale kit was finally fulfilled.
SMS Seydlitz, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Combrig provides an excellent kit of the iron horse of the German Grossen Kreuzer of World War One, the mighty SMS Seydlitz in all of her glory. You get crisp
clean resin castings and three frets of relief-etched brass.
HMS Indefatigable, British Battlecruiser 1911, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig HMS Indefatigable in 1:350 scale is a striking kit. The resin parts are crisp, detailed and almost error free. However,
the kit is marred by the lack of tripod legs although templates are provided, aft top overhead and poor instructions. With a little work and generic railing, the modeler will have impressive model of this ship that blew up a Jutland on
May 31, 1916.
SMS Von der Tann, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig 1:700 scale kit of SMS von der Tann is a study in contrasts. On one hand the hull casting and superstructure castings are fantastic but on the
other hand the instructions have something to be desired. The ingredients are present for a fine model of the first German battlecruiser.
USS Missouri BB-11 1912 Fit, Samek 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Samek USS Missouri BB-11 in 1912 fit shows the shift after replacement of the military masts with cage masts. It is a good, solid kit with
variable options for searchlight platforms and tops for the cage masts.
Ise, Japanese Battleship/Aircraft Carrier 1944, Fujimi 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Imperial Japanese Battleship Aircraft Carrier Ise at the Battle of Leyte Gulf was one tough old hermaphrodite, as Samuel Eliot
Morison called her. No one would accuse the
Ise as just another pretty face but the Fujimi 1:350 scale model of the Ise is one beautiful kit.
USS Virginia BB-13 1909-1911, Samek 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - Samek provides the only model that portrays the Virginia class in the fit used by three of the class. USS Virginia, USS Nebraska and USS Rhode
were refitted with a fore cage mast and kept a military style main mast in the refit received after completing their cruise around the world with the Great White Fleet. Resin and brass parts are provided to model this unique
fit of the class.
HMS Victoria, British Battleship 1893, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Overall the HMS Victoria in 1:350 scale is a good release from Combrig though there are a few relatively minor issues. Felix Bustelo
really likes that this time Combrig went with a Victorian Era Royal Navy ship and he hopes that they will do some others as there are some pretty cool subjects from which to choose.
Imperator Nikolai I, Imperial Russian Battleship, Combrig/Box 261 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Combrig/Box 261 1:350 scale Imperator Nikolai I kit, in the humble opinion of Felix Bustelo, is excellent. There
are some very minor quibbles, but they do not detract from just how well done it is overall. If you are fan of Imperial Russian Navy ships, you must get this kit as your model fleet would benefit.  
USS Rhode Island BB-17 1918, Niko Model 1:700 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - All in all, the Niko Rhode Island is a very good kit. The resin and brass parts are in the very good to excellent category. It does reflect hull
changes from the 1906 fit to the 1918 fit. The only thing apparently missed by
Niko was that the 1918 Rhode Island did not have all of her 6-inch casemate guns, however, that is easily remedied by not attaching the six aft 6-inch
guns for the March 1918 fit or none for the October 1918 fit.
HMS Tiger, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Combrig 1:350 scale HMS Tiger is a beautiful kit of this most beautiful of the splendid cats. The detail is crisp and comprehensive, even though it could have
been slightly better. Although no generic brass fittings is included, this is easily remedied by any after-market fret.
Fort Drum, The Concrete Battleship, Blue Ridge Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Producing a model kit of Fort Drum is a bold move by Blue Ridge Models.  It is a very interesting and perhaps obscure subject
to some and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, the quality of the kit and that it is such a unique piece of World War II history will appeal quite a number of modelers who will take the plunge. Given the complexity of
the photo-etch,
Felix Bustelo would recommend this kit to more experienced modelers.
RN Roma 1943, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - The Roma is so beautiful that the Trumpeter 1:350 scale RN Roma is a kit that won't sit in the closet gathering dust. The included photo-etch is minimal but it does have the most
important parts for photo-etching. Considering the fairly low price,  the Trumpeter
Roma is a no-brainer acquisition.
Admiral Ushakov, Imperial Russian Coast Defense Battleship, Wake Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - Felix Bustelo reviews the Wake Models 1:350 scale Admiral Ushakov, one of the self-sinkers of the Third
Pacific Squadron that fought at the Battle of Tsushima. As fate would have it, the self-sinkers put up a better fight than the new battleships of the First & Second Pacific Squadrons.
HMS Dreadnought, Zvezda 1:350 Scale - The Zvezda 1:350 scale HMS Dreadnought is a very nice kit with outstanding detail, which feature by feature, matches the location and shape as shown in the Anatomy of the Ship
Dreadnought. There are some exceptions and omissions, which could be easily corrected with a comprehensive photo-etch set.
Hoche 1891 French Pre-Dreadnought, The Grand Hotel, Combrig 1:350 Scale - Summer is here and it is time to go on vacation and check into the Grand Hotel in the form of Combrig’s 1:350 scale Hoche. Only with
Combrig can you build this Disney version of a battleship with her towering superstructure, amidship castles, severe tumblehome, and heavy large structures hanging above each major gun position. With a plethora of resin and
ship specific parts
Combrig provides all of the cake and frosting for this concoction but the instructions are wanting.
Danton 1911 French Post-Dreadnought Pre-Dreadnought Mixed Gun Battleship, Combrig 1:350 Scale - The last French mixed gun battleship design, the Danton, is one of the most glorious. It has everything that any admirer
of fierce face gaulic designs fancies, tumblehome, five top hat funnels, eight oval pill box turrets. Now
Combrig has provided a resin and brass kit in regal 1:350 scale of the Danton that provides all of the parts for this large
Huascar 1866, Peruvian Ironclad Turret Ship, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has produced a 1:700 scale model of one of the first ironclads built with a turret designed by Captain Cowpers Coles. The Peruvian ironclad
Huascar was for a time the most powerful warship in Latin America . Seized in battle by Chile in 1879, the ship is still in existence as a museum in honor of the navies of both Chile and Peru . Before starting construction, decide
which fit that you wish to model.
Carnot, French Predreadnought 1905, Yumenato 1:700 Scale, Build Review by Jim Baumann - The 1/700 scale kit of the French predreadnought battleship Carnot from the low-volume Japanese resin producer Yumenatu is
not without a number of problems. These are caused in the main by there being no (usable) plans in existence. The build shows her in August 1905 on way to the International Fleet Review at Spithead UK.
Danton 1911 French Post-Dreadnought Pre-Dreadnought Mixed Gun Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Danton was not a pre-dreadnought but a post-dreadnought design, in which the French chose to build a mixed
armament battleship and rejected the all big gun layout of
HMS Dreadnought but the ship had a greater displacement than the British battleship. The 1:700 scale Combrig Danton provides excellently produced resin and brass
parts to model
Danton in all her eight turret, five funnel, top hat cap glory.
HMVS Cerberus Breastwork Monitor, Combrig 1:350 Scale - The Combrig 1:350 scale HMVS Cerberus is an absolute gem with outstanding resin castings throughout. Cast in waterline format, when finished the modeler will
have the only example of a breast-work monitor commercially available. The only disappointing factor of the lack of a brass photo-etched fret is mitigated by the fact that almost all brass parts are generic such as inclined ladders
and railing.  
Izmail, Imperial Russian Battle Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Combrig 1:700 scale Izmail is a large and striking kit. Armed with 14-inch/52 main guns, this Russian battle cruiser design had longer 14-inch guns than those
found in any other navy. If it had not been for a twist of fate, they could have been ordered in 1911, instead of 1912, and completed shortly after the start of World War One. Four powerful
Izmails and four Sevastopol class
battleships would have certainly complicated the Baltic balance of power immensely.
Combrig provides full resin and brass parts, excluding railing, to build a scale replica of one of the largest Imperial Russian warship ever
HMS Roberts 1941, British Monitor, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale - Dumpy, ungainly, wide of beam, if HMS Roberts was set up as a blind date, when asked “Well what does she/he look like?” you would have received the
response, “Hey, she/he has great character.”  It is the character and those same ungainly lines that make the
HMS Roberts so fascinating. Now, if you ask the question, “What does the White Ensign Models 1:350 scale kit of
HMS Roberts look like?
”, then there is a different response. “The WEM Roberts is gorgeous!”  
HMS Caesar 1898, Last of the Majestic Class Battleships, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Now you can have William White’s wonder, the Majestic Class British battleship, which established the standard design for the British battleship
for almost a decade.
HMS Caesar was the last of the nine ships of the class and is different in barbette design and bridge location from the first six ships in bridge location and seven ships in barbette design. Combrig provides
their usual outstanding casting with clean, crisp and detailed parts but no photo-etch.  
HMS  Agincourt 1916, The Gin Palace, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - If you have yearned for a big, burley Gin Palace , your ship has arrived with the 1:350 scale Agincourt from Iron Shipwright. No battleship has had the
number of turrets as
Agincourt and as they are on centerline, it created an extraordinarily long ship for the time. Iron Shipwright has provided a winner of this odd bird.
HMS Bellerophon, British Battleship 1909, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - If you have been waiting for a worthy follow up for the 1:350 HMS Dreadnought kit, the Iron Shipwright HMS Bellerophon will certainly be your
ticket. With two closely spaced tripods the
Bellerophon has a more majestic profile than the Dreadnought with her single tripod. Although almost a repeat of the Dreadnought design, the presence of two tripods does create a
significantly different look.
USS Virginia BB-13 1906, Niko Model 1:700 Scale - The Niko USS Virginia BB-13 1906, as built fit, has a beautifully cast hull with superb detail with a good cast of supporting smaller resin parts and full relief-etched brass
fret. There are some minor, easily correctable, problems with armament parts but the uniquely American double story turrets will come through with all of their magnificent glory and splendor. Teddy Roosevelt would be beaming
with this baby.  
HMS Royal Sovereign 1904, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - Subjective opinion that it is, I believe the Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale HMS Royal Sovereign 1904 is the best quality kit this company has ever produced. The casting
has first class details and minimal casting flaws. The inclusion of brass barrels a decal sheet and significantly improved instructions are only supplementary evidence for my conclusion.
Tirpitz, Lonely Queen of the North, Dragon Premium Edition, 1:700 Scale - The Dragon Premium Edition Tirpitz in 1:700 scale is an excellent kit but one that is marred by one significant omission. With Tirpitz specific parts
and inclusion of all eight C/37 4.1-inch gun mounts,
Dragon got the specifics right but omitted the portholes on the port bow.
Yamato, Blast From the Past, Aurora 1:600 Scale - The Aurora Yamato is the Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde of Aurora model ship kits with the port side of an early fit and starboard of a late fit Yamato. Yet, the kit is a historic
model release, at least in the United States. The 1:600 scale Aurora
Yamato was the first and only larger model of an Imperial Japanese Navy warship readily available for the majority of US modelers until the advent of the 1:700
scale waterline explosion of the 1970s. Come and enjoy this bizarre model design.  
HMS Glorious 1918 Fit, Light Battle Cruiser, Admiralty Model Works 1:700 Scale - Slip the surly bounds of earth with the 1:700th scale HMS Glorious 1918 fit from Admiralty Model Works. With flying off platforms and
excess Sopwiths, mount your own glorious strike on the skulking High Seas Fleet. This model provides air and sea assets in one outstanding example of the warship producer’s art.
HMS Courageous 1917-1918, Light Battle Cruiser, Admiralty Model Works 1:700 Scale - Roll out the barrel or roll off the mine. The Clapham Junction fit of HMS Outrageous--- er--- HMS Courageous 1917-1918 provides a
kit for a 20,000-ton fast minelayer, nee large light cruiser, prima facie light battle cruiser. Casting detail ranges the field from superb to superb, complemented with a full photo-etch fret, brass main gun barrels and masts, metal
anchor chain, and a colorful decal sheet. Anyway you slice it, the
Admiralty Model Works 1:700 scale HMS Courageous is a magnificent kit.
Liberte 1908, The Penultimate French Predreadnought Design, FleetNet 1:700 Scale - With the 1:700 scale Liberte FleetNet provides a very good kit of the penultimate French predreadnought battleship design. The kit
provides error free castings of good to excellent quality. There is no brass photo-etch fret but generic photo-etch parts can remedy this deficiency.
Admiral Ushakov, Ex-Kirov, Russian Rocket Cruiser, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Review by Bob Carr - Trumpeter’s Admiral Ushakov is big, detailed, and certainly conveys the impression of the famous battle cruiser.
Unfortunately, the kit is a mixture of features from both the
Ushakov and the Frunze and will require some scratch-building to correctly complete as the Ushakov/Kirov.
Kongo 1944, Japanese Fast Battleship, Fujimi 1:350 Scale - The Fujimi 1:350 scale Kongo is not your granddad’s Fujimi kit! This kit is absolutely superb, not only in detail, but also in the comprehensive nature of what Fujimi
has included. The Fujimi
Kongo blows any of the Tamiya 1:350 scale battleship kits out of the water!
HMS Renown 1916, Fisher's Favorite, NNT 1:700 Scale - Now you can get the last true battle cruiser, Jackie Fisher’s beloved HMS Renown. This beautiful large design maximized Fisher’s favorites of heavy hitting guns with
15-inch twin turrets and a high 32-knot top speed, while minimizing what Fisher considered unnecessary, armor. With the
NNT 1:700 scale HMS Renown 1916 you can build this lovely, large floating magazine as she first
appeared at the dawn of her long noble career.
USS Pennsylvania BB-38 1944, Dragon 1:700 Scale - Dragon deserves a hearty round of applause. They went out on a limb to produce a one-off design. How many injected plastic companies do this with warship kits? DML
spent a great deal of effort and time to get it right and in case you didn’t catch the discussions on the message board during the development of this kit,
Dragon actually listened to the opinions of ship modelers. The Dragon 1:700
USS Pennsylvania should be in every waterline collection.  
SMS Konig, Konig Class German Battleship 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Review - Build the best of the pre-World War One German battleships with the 1:700 scale Combrig SMS Konig. In the 1914 fit you get
the original light pole mast version, complete with net shelves and booms and also an enlarged forward superstructure because she was built as squadron flagship.
SMS Kaiserin, Kaiser Class German Battleship 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Review - With SMS Kaiserin you have a battleship fit for an Empress. The Combrig 1:700 scale model of the ship provides resin and
brass parts for a late war fit of the battleship. The
Combrig Kaiserin comes with a heavy pole foremast and enlarged foretop, which, if fitted, would have been a post  Jutland addition.  
SMS Oldenburg, Helgoland Class German Battleship 1912, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Review - Now you can give perfidious  Albion a run for the Reich Mark. It is time for your Place in the Sun with the new
Combrig 1:700 scale dreadnoughts of the High Seas Fleet and there is no better starting place than the SMS Oldenburg.  
Bismarck, Aurora 1:600 Scale, Blast From the Past - The Aurora Bismarck was the first kit of the ship larger than the 1:1200 scale and that alone, earns the kit a place in the Hall of Fame. As an added bonus, the John Steel box
art still has visceral impact and equally belongs in the Box Art Hall of Fame alongside so many other Steel works.
RN Caio Duilio, Italian Battleship 1885, Delphis 1:700 Scale - Delphis has brought a very unusual but highly historic warship to life in 1:700 scale. Neither the Caio Duilio, nor the Dandolo ever saw action. However, their
appearance triggered more than a decade of warship designs that carried very slow firing monster guns of increasing size. Further confirming the visionary design of this class are the clamshell doors for internal storage of a
torpedo boat.
Delphis has done a very good job in bringing this design to the modeler.  
HMS Inflexible, Fighting in Three Seas, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The 1:700 scale Combrig Inflexible kit is perfect for one of her three early operations, the Goeben chase in August 1914, the Battle of the Falklands in December
1914 or the naval assault on the Narrows in March 1915.
Combrig has provided a great quantity of splendid resin and brass parts and this kit belongs in the collection of admirers of that most glamorous type of big gun ship, the
battle cruiser.  
Ting Yuen, Dragon of the East, Imperial Chinese Battleship 1885, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - For a decade, the two battleships of the Ting Yuen class were the most powerful ships in the Pacific. If the
quality of their shells had matched the stoutness of their construction at the Battle of the Yalu, the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95 may have had a different outcome.
Commanders/Iron Shipwright has produced a splendid 1:350
scale model of this Imperial Chinese battleship.  
HMS Queen Mary, British Battlecruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has launched the first of their Splendid Cats. The HMS Queen Mary was outrageously beautiful and Combrig has reproduced the power and
magnificence of the battle cruiser in this 1:700 scale kit. With the high parts number of miniscule resin and brass parts, the
Combrig Queen Mary is probably not for the beginner but is certainly a superb kit for any modeler with
resin experience.  
HMS Iron Duke, British Battleship 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Finally Combrig has gotten around to the flagship of the Grand Fleet through 1916. The HMS Iron Duke had classic good looks and Combrig has reproduced
those looks in this 1:700 scale kit. With numerous resin and brass parts, the kit can be intimidating to the uninitiated but it is a gold mine of detail. Sir John Jellicoe can sail again.
HMS Invincible, British Battle Cruiser 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Outstanding! Combrig has captured the peculiarities of HMS Invincible. All of those architectural features that made Invincible unique from her sisterships
are there. The model has casemate positions in the forward superstructure, different shaped turrets and a short forward funnel for the Battle of the Falklands fit.  
HMS Queen Mary, British Battle Cruiser, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - The 1:350 scale model of the battle cruiser, HMS Queen Mary, by Commanders/Iron Shipwright is every inch a Splendid Cat. The one
piece, full hull casting is beautiful and has an enormous amount of detail cast integral to the hull. The hull casting is the strongest element of the kit but there are others, such as three brass photo-etch frets.
HMS Benbow, Iron Duke Class Battleship 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has released kits for all four members of the Iron Duke class. None of the kits are identical to each other. The Combrig 1:700 scale kit of HMS
portrays the ship as commissioned in November 1914. The Combrig Benbow kit also provides the best basis for building a Jutland fit of the Iron Duke class. The kit features excellent resin castings as well as a decent,
but not spectacular, ship specific brass photo-etch fret.
HMS Indomitable, British Battle Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale - This is another superb model from Combrig, which includes ship specific brass photo-etch. The Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Indomitable kit will allow the
modeler to build a post 1910
Indomitable with lengthened forward funnel. Sign up now with your favorite retailer, as their first shipment of the Combrig Indomitable won't last long.  
Bismarck, Dragon Premium Edition 1:700 Scale - With this Dragon 1:700 scale Premium Edition of the Bismarck, DML provides not only new plastic parts but in addition, the included brass photo-etch fret provides some
really outstanding parts. Yes, the 20mm guns are clunky but most of the plastic parts are good to excellent in detail. If you have the first version of the
DML Bismarck, you can see the differences with this new release.  
USS Arizona, Dragon Premium Edition 1:700 Scale - The new Dragon Premium Edition 1:700 scale release of USS Arizona replaces all of the unpopular hard rubber parts and cast metal parts of the initial DML release with
injected plastic versions. Additionally the Premium Edition includes a second brass fret, which primarily provides detailed cranes. One further significant addition, which is in common with other
DML Premium Edition releases, is
full lower hull for modelers wishing to build a full hull version of the famous ship.   
HMS Roberts, Last of the Monitors, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Roberts is an excellent kit. With the Roberts, Combrig corrected mistakes made in their Abercrombie kit, making the Roberts even
more attractive for the modeler over her sistership. With a little RN pattern photo-etch, you can build a beautiful reproduction of the last of the monitors.  
HMS King George V, Blast from the Past, Aurora 1:600 Scale - All hail Aurora! Truly in many ways Aurora was a company ahead of its time. They dared to be different. They dared to produce strange, exotic, foreign, alien
designs. So what if they were sometimes a little short of accuracy. Aurora and 1959, an exciting new frontier with boundless opportunities. Picture yourself tooling down to the malt shop in your fire-engine red Cadillac
convertible with snow white interior, clutching the futuristic Aurora KGV.  
Espana, Spanish Battleship 1913, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic PreviewCombrig has just released kits for two Spanish battleships, Espana and Jaime I. This provides a photographic preview of the Espana. The three
battleships of this class were the smallest dreadnought type battleships to be built.  
Gangut, Imperial Russian Battleship 1894, Combrig 1:700 Scale - This installment by Combrig of the battleships of the Imperial Russian Navy in 1:700 scale, presents a highly unusual subject with a very short history.
Designed to fight the ships of the Imperial German Navy, the only opponents that
Gangut faced and which ultimately vanquished her were uncharted rocks in the Baltic Sea.
RN Faa di Bruno, Italian Monitor 1917-1943, Regia Marina 1:700 Scale - This is a small but delightful subject. The Regia Marina 1:700 scale Faa di Bruno is certainly one of the most unusual subjects currently available.
Regia Marina has done their usual fine job in resin casting and presentation of a complete photo-etch fret. The instructions could have been clearer but the build of this ship is relatively simple. However, this complaint is
infinitesimal compared to the joy of having this odd bird.  
USS Maine, American 2nd Class Battleship 1898, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Remember the Maine! With the Combrig USS Maine in 1:700 scale, you certainly will not forget.  Top drawer in every regard. The Combrig Maine has
a tremendous amount of detail cast integral to the hull and major component castings and an excellent brass ship-specific photo-etch fret.  
USS Illinois BB-7, American Predreadnought Battleship, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - After veering from the low freeboard Indiana class, to the high freeboard Iowa and then back again to the low freeboard
Kearsarge class, the USN finally decided to build blue ocean battleships with the high freeboard Illinois class. The Illinois is also the first USN battleship to mount a modern style main gun turret and was the only class to have side
by side funnels.
Commanders/Iron Shipwright has produced a 1:350 scale model of USS Illinois BB-7.
RN Roma, Last Italian Battleship, Regia Marina 1:700 Scale -  The Regia Marina 1:700 scale Vittorio Veneto/Littorio is an excellent kit but incredibly, the Regia Marina 1:700 Roma exceeds her two sisters in detail. Not only
was the
Roma considered the most handsome and graceful of the original three ships but also the Regia Marina Roma now can hear that same acclamation.
HMS Queen Mary, British Battle Cruiser 1913, NNT 1:700 Scale - You cannot go wrong with the NNT 1:700 scale model of the British battle cruiser HMS Queen Mary. Although the model can use photo-etch railing and
replacements for inclined and accommodation ladders, the photo-etch of ship specific parts is good. However, where this model excels is in the quality and detail of the hull casting. In this regard the
NNT Queen Mary is one of
the most intricately detailed hull castings currently available to the modeler. As the British public said about the originals, you can also say about this replica of the third of the class, that the
NNT model of Queen Mary is a
Splendid Cat".
HMS Renown, British 2nd Class Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale -  The Combrig 1:700 scale Renown offers great opportunities to the Royal Navy modeler as well as being of interest to the naval historian. Just the color
scheme options offer a wide variety of choices. Just think of a white battleship, with buff funnels, red striping and a green waterline flying the Royal colors. Who wouldn’t want to model a battleship in that gaudy livery?  
RN Vittorio Veneto, Italian Battleship, Delphis Model 1:350 Scale - The Delphis Model RN Vittorio Veneto in 1:350 scale is a massive and beautiful kit. Delphis provides a huge number resin parts of excellent quality. Some of
these resin parts are as good or better than found elsewhere in detail. Two large brass frets of average quality are provided but not all of these parts are used. However, the instructions could have been better organized. However,
in the final analysis,
Delphis provides all of the ingredients for a lovely prima donna in any collection of warship replicas.  Review by Steve Backer.   
HMS Thunderer, British Super Dreadnought 1915, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig provides a wealth of fine detail in quantity as well as quality for their 1:700 scale kit of HMS Thunderer. There is a level of detailed richness
provided that commands a deliberate and thoughtful build. Any Royal Navy modeler should be thrilled to build
Combrig’s rendition of the world’s first class of super dreadnought. Review by Steve Backer.     
USS Kearsarge BB-5 1900, The Advent of the Two Story Turret, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale  - Commanders/Iron Shipwright as produced a very nice 1:350 scale model of a truly unique design, that of the
USS Kearsarge BB-5. Naval designers constrained by a Congressional limit on displacement tried to shove 10 pounds of powder into a 5 pound silk bag. The “weight-saving” superposed turret was the solution. This one-piece full-
hulled model captures the novel design of this failed experiment.     
Mikasa, Admiral Togo's Flagship at the Battle of Tsushima 1905, Hasegawa 1:350 Scale -  The Mikasa at  Tsushima represents the Imperial Japanese Fleet at the height of its glory, under greatest hero of the Japanese Navy.
The ship and the battle are the halfway point between the birth and the death of that navy. Although Japanese battleships grew far bigger, none were as historically significant as the
Mikasa. As the first 1:350 scale Japanese
injected plastic kit in some time, the Hasegawa
Mikasa certainly upholds the Japanese reputation for high quality, fine plastic models.
HMS Orion, The First Super-Dreadnought 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Royal Navy 12-inch gun had reached the end of the line of development. The RN needed a new, longer ranged weapon for new battleships. The
answer was the 13.5-inch/45 Mk V gun. Ten were mounted in five twin centerline turrets in the first of a new class,
HMS Orion. With a broadside weight almost twice that of the HMS Dreadnought, which was only four years
old, the press instantly dubbed the
Orion class, "Super-Dreadnoughts". Combrig has just released models of all four members of the Orion class in 1:700 scale. This is a photographic review of the Combrig HMS Orion kit,
which is configured in her early appearance from 1912 to 1914.
HMS Erin, The Chatty Battleship 1915, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The HMS Erin was a unique ship. Thirteen 13.5-inch gunned, all big gun battleships served in the Royal Navy in World War One and Erin was the 13th. For Erin
13 was not an unlucky number in that she was a very efficient design with a unique appearance that distinguished her from her cousins of the
Orion, King George V and Iron Duke classes. The Combrig HMS Erin kit in 1:700
scale provides a beautiful and somewhat complex kit in brass and resin. Review by Steve Backer.
St Andrew, Royal Navy N3 Battleship Design of 1921, Imperial Hobby Productions 1:700 Scale - From being the greatest naval power in the world in 1918, the Royal Navy was in danger of slipping into third place behind the
USN and Japanese Imperial Navy by 1921. The RN had to play catch up and the N3 battleship design mounting nine 18-inch guns, finalized in November 1921, was designed to accomplish the task. The Washington Treaty of
February 1922 ended the plans for the N3 but features from these plans were incorporated into the much smaller
Rodney and Nelson. Imperial Hobby Productions produces a 1:700 scale model of the N3 British battleship
design. Review by Steve Backer.  
H-Klasse German Battleship, Design H-39, NNT 1:700 Scale - Is the Bismarck big enough for you? Do you want to super-size it? Now you are able to build the big brother to Bismarck. Six battleships of the H-39 design were
ordered and two were laid down in 1939 and were planned to be operational in 1944. With the start of World War Two work was suspended on them but they were not canceled until 1942.
NNT has produced a 1:700 scale,
multi-media kit of the H Class large battleship. Review by Steve Backer.
Novgorod, Imprial Russian Armored Steam Battery 1874, Commanders/Iron Shipwright – Do you like well-rounded warship designs? If so, here is your cup of tea. Russia needed armored warships to operate in the Black Sea
that would maximize firepower and armor on the lightest possible displacement and shallowest draft. Vice Admiral A. A. Popov thought he had a better idea and came up with a round ship.
Commanders/Iron Shipwright has
produced a 1:192 scale multimedia model of the
Novgorod, the first armored warship to operate in the Black Sea for Russia. Review by Steve Backer.  
Kniaz Suvorov, Imperial Russian Battleship 1905, Eastern Express 1:350 Scale - Do you like your battleships with slab sides or with graceful curves? If you like curves, it is hard to beat the extreme tumblehome of the Borodino
battleships of Imperial Russia. The Kniaz Suvorov was a member of this class and became the flagship of Vice Admiral Rozhestvensky and the 2nd Pacific Squadron. From this ship Rohestvensky commanded his fleet from
the Baltic through an 18,000-mile epic voyage only to end in disaster at Tsushima slightly over 100 years ago. Eastern Express of Russia has produced a 1:350 scale model of this imposing battleship. Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Agincourt, The Gin Palace 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale - In the space of less than eight months the largest battleship in the world was owned by three different countries. Ordered by Brazil to overawe the Argentines and
Chile as
Rio de Janeiro, she was then sold to Turkey, as Sultan Osman I, who desired to fight the Greeks and on the eve of her departure for Turkey was ordered seized by Winston Churchill for the Royal Navy and named
HMS Agincourt. No battleship ever carried so many main gun turrets, so many main guns or so great a secondary. She was the longest and heaviest battleship of her time. Combrig now produces a 1:700 scale model of the Gin
Palace as she appeared in 1918. Review by Steve Backer.
USS North Carolina BB-55, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - For some time modelers have been asking, "Has any one seen the Trumpeter North Carolina? What is it like?" You need no longer be in the dark because Guido Hopp has
filed a full reconnaissance report in photographs and text on the
USS North Carolina in 1:350 Scale from Trumpeter. Thanks to Guido, you can see that there is smooth sailing ahead.
HMS Queen Mary, Lion Class Battlecruiser, NNT 1:700 Scale, Photographic Preview - These photographs are fresh from NNT. They portray the new NNT model of HMS Queen Mary, modified Lion Class battlecruiser. NNT
has the
Queen Mary kit ready to go in 1:700 scale.  
HMS Invincible, The First Battlecruiser December 1914, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - Admiral Jackie Fisher loved speed and when he became the First Sea Lord of the Admiralty in 1904 one of his first actions
was to assemble a board to determine the next British battleship design, which was to become the
HMS Dreadnought. The second order of business was to design a new armored cruiser design, which went further in departure
in that type than
Dreadnought did with the battleship type. That design became the HMS Invincible, the first of the battlecruisers. Commanders/Iron Shipwright has produced a 1:350 scale limited production kit of Fisher's
beloved "Greyhound of the Sea". Review by Steve Backer.
HMVS Cerberus, Breastwork Monitor 1870, Combrig 1:700 Scale - In 1867 the crown colony of Victoria wanted a first class warship to protect the port of Melbourne and the gold shipments leaving from that port. The Royal
Navy Admiralty allowed their chief designer, Edward Reed, to design a ship that would fill the bill. The result was a totally unique warship that was a prophet of the future,
HMVS Cerberus, breastwork monitor, Combrig has
now produced the
Cerberus in 1:700 scale and it is a miniature gem. Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Duncan, British Predreadnought Fast Battleship 1903, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The design of the Duncan Class of battleship was the direct response to initial incorrect information that the Imperial Russian battleships of
Peresviet Class would be capable of 19-knots. The RN wanted their own fast battleships and the result was the Duncan Class, which sacrificed two inches of armor to achieve a speed of 19-knots. This is the last design that
was prepared from start to finish by Sir William White.
RN Vittorio Veneto, Italian Battleship, Regia Marina 1:700 Scale - Nominally of a displacement of 35,000-tons, the last class of battleship to be be completed by the Italian navy, the Vittorio Veneto Class, was really close to
41,000-tons displacement. Ships of classic Italian beauty,
Vittorio Veneto and Littorio were both laid down on October 28, 1934. Regia Marina has released a new version of the battleship in 1:700 scale that can be used to build
either ship in any fit of her career. This version includes four photo-etched frets.
HMS Dreadnought, Jackie Fisher's Revolutionary Battleship of 1906, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Admiral Jackie Fisher's dream battleship of 1906 was one of the most significant designs in the history of the capital ship. This
extraordinary design deserves an extraordinary model and this is just what has been just released by
Combrig. With the release of their 1:700 scale HMS Dreadnought, Combrig has established a new plateau for them in detail,
complexity and fidelity in resin warship models. Not only does this superb kit feature a large number of the highest quality resin castings but also comes with two brass photo-etch frets. It is simply one of the best 1:700 scale
models of 2004. Review by Steve Backer.
USS Arizona, Dragon 1:700 Scale -  With the Dragon USS Arizona being priced at only a quarter to a fifth of the price of a resin kit of the ship in 1:700 scale, there is no denying the allure of the Dragon product. It truly is a
great product at a great price.
Henri IV, French Coast Defense Battleship 1903, Combrig 1:700 Scale - In 1897 the French Navy selected famed naval architect Emile Bertin to design a new coast defense battleship. Bertin's design became the Henry IV and
was packed with design innovations. However, one feature almost totally unnoticed at the time would be adopted by the navies of every country, the superfiring turret. In another innovation for
Combrig, they have now produced
the first model kit of a French predreadnought battleship in any scale with their
Henri IV in 1:700 scale. Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Renown 1942, Building a Battlecruiser, White Ensign Models 1:700 Scale - One of the most spectacular releases of 2004 in 1:700 scale was the HMS Renown, British Battlecruiser 1942 by White Ensign Models. All of
the components are top notch but was that enough to satisfy a purest like
Jim Baumann? Of course not! This is Jim's "Build Review" of the WEM HMS Renown, which could be subtitled "Perfecting the Perfect".  
HMS Dreadnought 1907, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Preview - The first reconnaissance photographs are in, as long range scout Dmitry Antonov has sent in these photographs of the resin parts for the 1:700 scale
model of
HMS Dreadnought by Combrig. In the next few weeks Combrig will be completing the brass photo-etch fret and instructions for the new release. Dmitry reports that the photo-etch fret for the Dreadnought will be
the most extensive yet from
Combrig. As Dmitry said, the "Photos should speak for themselves". They do, and most eloquently.
USS Oklahoma BB-37, 1941, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - Overlooked compared to the USS Arizona, the Mighty Okie, as the USS Oklahoma BB-37 was called by her crew, was the other lost battleship of the
Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941.
Oklahoma and sister Nevada were revolutionary in 1912 when laid down, as they reintroduced the "All or Nothing" armor scheme that was subsequently adopted by other navies for
their battleships.
Commanders/Iron Shipwright has produced an 1:350 scale one-piece full hull models of USS Oklahoma and USS Nevada as they appeared on December 7, 1941. Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Renown, British Battlecruiser 1942, White Ensign Models 1:700 Scale - The Royal Navy's HMS Renown battlecruiser commissioned in 1916 came to be the last battlecruiser of the RN after the loss of her sister, HMS
in December 1941. She was handled with such flair and audacity that her crew called her the Largest Destroyer in the Fleet. White Ensign Models has produced an 1:700 scale kit of the Renown as she appeared in 1942.
This kit is a tour de force in detail and quality and really must be seen to be believed. Review by Steve Backer.  
HMS Swiftsure, British Predreadnought Battleship 1904, Combrig 1:700 Scale - In 1901 Chile placed an order for two battleships to be built in Great Britain. There was a strong possibility of war with Argentina and Chile
needed the ships to be built quickly. They were designed to suit Chile's needs. In 1903 after Chile and Argentina had defused the crisis between them, the ships were put up for sale on the world market. The Royal Navy was not
interested in the pair, until H. M. Government got word that Imperial Russia was interested in buying the British built ships. In December 1903 the pair were snapped up by the Royal Navy and became
HMS Swiftsure and HMS
. At the time, they were reported to be the fastest and most powerful battleships in the fleet. Combrig has produced the greyhound of the fleet, HMS Swiftsure in 1:700 Scale. Review by Steve Backer.
USS Arkansas BM-7, The Last of the Monitors 1902, Box 261 1:350 Scale - The Spanish-American War was not even two weeks old when on May 4, 1898 a nervous Congress authorized the construction of four new monitors
to guard the ports of the United States. These ships became the
USS Arkansas Class and were the last of a breed for the USN started in 1862 with the USS Monitor. By 1901 before the first one was finished they were called
practically worthless in one of the leading publications of the day. However, the
Arkansas was the first USN warship to mount the 12-Inch/40 gun. The class had advanced features built into an obsolete type. The newest 1:350
scale kit from
Box 261 is the USS Arkansas 1902. Review by Steve Backer.  
USS Oregon BB-3, The Bulldog of the Fleet 1898, YS Master Pieces 1:700 Scale - Although the USS Oregon BB-3 is 1:700 scale. This new kit from YS Master Pieces is packed with detail worthy of models of a far larger
scale. Superb in every respect, this is one of the best kits available in this scale. The Bulldog of the Fleet after steaming 16,000 miles in 66 days joined the North Atlantic Squadron of Rear Admiral William Sampson just in time to
become part of the blockade of Admiral Cervera's Spanish Cruiser squadron. The
Oregon turned in a stellar performance at the Battle of Santiago. Review by Steve Backer.  
USS Amphitrite, BM-2 New Navy Monitor 1898, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - The design and construction of the four ship Amphitrite Class monitors for the New Steel Navy of the USN was an early example
of an "end run" around politicians. Billed to Congress of refits of obsolete monitors of the American Civil War, they were really completely new construction. Because the Navy Department received so little funding from the
parsimonious politicians, the ship took nine years to launch from being laid down and a total of 21 years to reach commissioning. As a consequence they were obsolete when launched. Arguably, the worst design for the New
Steel Navy, the
USS Amphitrite is now available in kit form. Felix Bustelo reviews the 1:350 scale model of USS Amphitrite produced by Commanders/Iron Shipwright.
HMS Tiger, British Battlecruiser 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale - HMS Tiger, the last of the "Splendid Cats" of Vice Admiral David Beatty was indeed splendid in so many ways. She was the fastest and most powerful battlecruiser
available to the Royal Navy in 1914. However, it was her handsome lines that will always be remembered.
Combrig has just produced a model of HMS Tiger, as she appeared in 1914 and at the Battle of Dogger Bank in January
1915. Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Royal Oak 1939, WSW 1:700 Scale - One of the five battleships of the Royal Sovereign Class, the Rs, as they were called were the newest battleships to serve in the Royal Navy in World War One. Always second fiddle to
the glamorous fast battleships of the
Queen Elizabeth Class, they did not receive the funding for major rebuilds between the wars. In 1939 Royal Oak was the most modern of the five. She was the first major warship sunk in
World War Two as she was sunk by
U-47 in Scapa Flow on October 14, 1939. WSW has produced an excellent 1:700 scale kit of HMS Royal Oak as she was in 1939. Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Queen Elizabeth 1918, White Ensign Models 1:700 Scale - Brand new from White Ensign Models is the Queen Elizabeth in 1:700 scales she appeared at the end of World War One. Designed as the original Fast
Battleship, the design was actually a gamble for the Royal Navy but one that paid handsome dividends. The
WEM kit has outstanding detail and sets a new standard in detail. Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Tiger, The Most Splendid Cat, An Initial Look at the Combrig 1:700 Scale British Battlecruiser -  At long last, there will finally be a model of one of the most handsome warships ever built, HMS Tiger. The last of the
"Splendid Cats" the
Tiger was the best of the British battlecruisers of World War One. Her single forward tripod and three closely placed round funnels gave her a strikingly beautiful appearance. Combrig has produced a 1:700
scale model of the
Tiger, which will be available from White Ensign Models, Pacific Front, NNT and other retailers very shortly.
HMS Repulse, British Battlecruiser 1941, 1:600 Scale Model from Frog - After a very long time of being out of production, the Airfix 1:600 scale model of the British battlecruiser HMS Repulse, as she appeared in 1941 has
been released by Frog. Arguably the best of the series of British Warships of WWII produced by Airfix, the
Repulse kit has remarkable detail for a 20 year old kit. Review by Steve Backer.  
HMS King Edward VII, British Battleship 1905 - The last British battleship design attributed to Sir William White was the eight ship King Edward VII Class. It broke from the previous pattern and introduced an intermediate
armament of 9.2-Inch guns. The eight ships in the class were the battleships of the 1901/02/03 Naval Estimates. The latest release from
Combrig is their 1:700 scale HMS King Edward VII. Photographic Review of the
USS South Dakota BB-49, 1921 Battleship - As part of the gigantic 1916 USN building program, six battleships of 43,200 tons and mounting twelve 16-Inch guns were laid down. They were well toward completion when they
were terminated under the clauses of the Washington Treaty.
Imperial Hobby Productions has the companion model for their Lexington battlecruiser, the USS South Dakota BB-49 in 1:700 scale. Review by Steve Backer.
USS Lexington CC-1, 1921 Battlecruiser - After a decade of ignoring the battlecruiser, the USN was finally sold on the concept. As part of a huge building program the USN laid down sixb battlecruisers of the Lexington Class.
As a result of the Washington Treaty the ships were broken up on the slip, except for
Lexington and Saratoga, which were completed as aircraft carriers. Imperial Hobby Productions has released a kit of the USS Lexington
CC-1 battlecruiser design in 1:700 scale. Review by Steve Backer.
Hyuga, Imperial Japanese Battleship - A frequent question on the message board asks if the new 1:700 scale Japanese warship models with "New Tooling" are worth the additional cost over the older kits on the same subject. If
the battleship kit of
Hyuga is a guide, the answer is most definitely yes. This 1:700 kit from Hasegawa is a completely new kit, not a reworked version of the 30 year old model. This in-box review by Steve Backer contains
photographs of all the components and comparison photos of the new versus the old kits of
Hyuga, so you can compare them for yourself.  
USS Colorado BB-45, 1944 Fit - At the time of Pearl Harbor the most current battleships in service were the "Big Five" of the California and Maryland Classes, which went into service in the early 1920s. Only one of these five
battleships was not at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the
USS Colorado BB-45. During World War One every battleship in the USN was fitted with the classically American cage or basket mast. By 1945 only Colorado and
Maryland were still equipped with them. H-P Models has produced a 1:700 scale resin kit of the Colorado, as she appeared in 1944.
Rostislav, Imperial Russian Black Sea Battleship - The Rostislav was launched in 1896 as a 2nd rank battleship for the Imperial Russian Black Sea Fleet. In World War One this small battleship earned a special niche in naval
history by becoming one of the first major warships to be devoted to shore bombardment and ground support as well as being one of the first major warships to be damaged in an air attack.
Combrig has produced a 1:700 scale
model of this small but feisty battleship.
HMS Royal Sovereign, 1904 - When William White became the Director of Naval Construction (DNC) in 1885, the battleships of the Royal Navy were a haphazard assortment of oddities. For the 1889 program, he designed a
battleship that would set the standards for the Royal Navy and the world until the advent of the dreadnought.
Combrig has produced a 1:700 scale model of the HMS Royal Sovereign of the first classic R Class. In-Box review by
Steve Backer.
USS Maryland, BB-46, December 7, 1941 - The first 16-Inch gunned battleship laid down and commissioned in the USN, the USS Maryland, nicknamed Fighting Mary and Old Mary, suffered the least damage and least
casualties of any battleship present at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Iron Shipwright produces a 1:350 scale one piece full hull kit of USS Maryland as she appeared on December 7, 1941.
Panteleimon, Imperial Russian Black Sea Battleship - For most of her career, this battleship steamed under the name of Panteleimon but she will always be known by the name she only carried for her first 18 months of
Kniaz Potemkin-Tavaricheskii, the Battleship Potemkin. This photographic review looks at the history of the Panteleimon and the 1:700 scale model of the ship, produced by Combrig.
HMS Abercrombie, British Monitor, 1943 - The last of 42 monitors to be built for the Royal Navy in the 20th Century, HMS Abercrombie supported the US 7th Army in landings at Sicily and Salerno. Combrig has produced a
1:700 scale kit, which is the first model on a non-Russian or Finnish subject from the .company. Review by Steve Backer.
SMS Seydlitz, German Battlecruiser, 1916  Rob Mackie takes a look at WSW's newly released 1:700th scale battlecruiser SMS Seydlitz. A gallery of NHC photos of the legendary Jutland participant is included.
USS Michigan, BB-27, First All Big Gun Battleship of the USN - The USS Michigan was authorized and designed before HMS Dreadnought. She introduced two novel features into battleship construction, superfiring turrets
and the cagemast.
Iron Shipwright is producing a 1:350 scale, full hull model of USS Michigan BB-27 as of 1918. This is a preview that shows the resin components of the kit.
HMS Repulse, British Battlecruiser 1939 - Jim Baumann tells of the techniques and procedures that he used in building the HMS Repulse from B-Resina in 1:700 scale. Jim provides extensive text and photographic coverage.
Imperator Aleksandr III, Imperial Russian Battleship 1904 - The Imperator Aleksandr III was the second of the five Borodino Class battleships. A member of the Imperial Guard establishment, the Imperator Aleksandr III was
lost with all hands at the Battle of Tsushima.
Combrig has now produced a beautiful 1:700 scale kit of this important warship.
Imperator Aleksandr II, Imperial Russian Battleship 1893 - In 1885 the Imperial Russian Admiralty was unsure whether to build barbette or turret battleships. As a comparison, two battleships were built to the same design,
except the armor scheme.
Imperator Aleksandr II was laid down as a barbette battleship and six months later Imperator Nikolai I was laid down as a turret battleship. Combrig has just released an outstanding little kit of
Imperator Aleksandr II in 1:700 scale. In-Box Review by Steve Backer.
USS Texas, BB-35 - Iron Shipwright has produced a full hull 1:350 scale model of USS Texas, BB-35 as she appeared in 1944. Bruce Brotherton looks at this large model of the only World War One era Dreadnought, still in
Dvenadtsat Apostolov, Imperial Russian  Battleship 1892 - The Dvenadtsat Apostolov was designed as a barbette ship with heavy guns in heavily armored barbettes with lightly armored domed gun houses. Combrig has just
produced this Black Sea battleship in 1:700 scale. In-Box Review by Steve Backer.
USS Texas, The First Battleship for the United States Navy - After allowing the navy to hibernate for twenty years since the American Civil War, Congress woke up to the fact that the United States had no navy. Congress voted
for one armored cruiser and one battleship. The battleship became
USS Texas, which participated in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba on July 3, 1898. Iron Shipwright has produced a 1:350 scale model of Old Hoodoo, as Texas,
was called for her bad luck. Photographic Preview of the resin parts and brass photo-etch.
HMS Invincible, 1921 British Battlecruiser Design G-3 - In 1920 the Royal Navy was rapidly falling behind the USN and IJN in a new naval battleship race. Britain's answer was the G-3 battlecruiser design. Imperial Hobby
Productions has produced a 1:700 scale Craftsman Kit of
HMS Invincible, G-3 battlecruiser design. Four were ordered in October 1921 and cancelled in February 1922 as the British representatives of the Washington Cherry
Trees. In-Box Review by Steve Backer.
HMS Barham, British Battleship 1941 - The HMS Barham was one of the five Queen Elizabeth Class of fast battleships built during World War One. Refitted from 1930 to 1934, Barham had a rather short and checkered
career in World War Two with her high point being her participation at the Battle of Cape Matapan.
John Currie provides a photographic review of the 1:700 scale resin kit of HMS Barham from H-P Models.
Caio Duilio, Italian Battleship - Laid down in 1912 the two battleships of the Caio Duilio Class were completely rebuilt from 1937 to 1940. The end result was a striking beautiful warship that served the Italian Navy until 1956.
Until now, this class has been unavailable in any scale.
Regia Marina has now produced a 1:700 scale model of exceptional quality of the Caio Duilio and sistership, Andrea Doria. In Box Review by Steve Backer.
USS New Jersey, Battlecarrier, BB/CV Hybrid  - In 1979 the four battleships of the Iowa Class were reactivated. Phase I was the initial activation. A proposed Phase II would have removed the aft turret and added a hanger and
flight deck for an air wing of 12 Harriers. Nichimo jumped on this proposal and modified an existing all gun
New Jersey  kit that it had in its 30cm Box Scale Line, to create a model of the Martin-Marietta hybrid design. Of course
the class never received the Phase II rebuild. In this "Blast from the Past" the Nichimo
USS New Jersey "Battlecarrier" is examined.
Imperator Aleksandr III - The third and last Black Sea Dreadnought of the Imperatritsa Mariya Class, the Imperator Aleksandr III at various times flew the flag of Imperial Russia, Kerensky Russia, the Independent Ukraine,
Germany, Britain and White Russia as the only White Russian dreadnought. This is a photographic preview of the
Combrig 1:700 scale kit of this battleship.
Slava - The Borodino Class of Russian predreadnought battleships had a poor reputation after the Battle of Tsushima, where three of the class capsized and sank and one was captured. However, the last of the class, Slava,
showed what the ship could do when well crewed and well manned. At Moon Sound on October 10, 1917
Slava took on two German dreadnoughts. Combrig now has a 1:700 scale kit of the Slava in her 1917 fit.
Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya - The second of the Imperatritsa Mariya Class, Black Sea Dreadnoughts, Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya was easily distinguished from her two sisters by her bow. This is a photographic
preview of the
Combrig 1:700 scale kit of this battleship.
USS Monterey, 1893 Monitor - A new verse on an old theme, the monitor. Among the warship designs of the New Steel Navy was a steel hulled monitor, the USS Monterey BM 6. This is a build review by Steve Backer of the
new 1:350 scale full hull kit of the
USS Monterey from Iron Shipwright.
HMS Repulse - In company with HMS Prince of Wales, the battlecruiser HMS Repulse was sunk by Japanese bombers on December 10, 1941. John Currie has photographed the components of the 1:700 scale kit from H-P
HMS Renown - One of the most beloved warships of Great Britain in World War Two, was the HMS Renown. John Currie has photographs of all of the components of the H-P Models 1:700 scale model of HMS Renown, as
she appeared in World War Two.
USS Monterey, 1893 Monitor - There was a group of officers in the USN, wedded to the concept of monitors. With the rebirth of the New Steel Navy in the late 1880s, the monitor, USS Monterey, was the third armored ship
laid down, after
Maine and Texas. Iron Shipwright has now produced a 1:350 scale, resin and brass kit of USS Monterey. The components of the kit are shown in this photographic preview.
Japanese Battleship, Project 13-16 of 1921 - A huge battleship building race preceded World War One. The war had not finished when another race started building momentum among the victorious nations. The Imperial
Japanese Navy brought forth their 8-8 Program in order to seize the initiative in the Pacific. The final product of this program was to be the design of four super-battleships mounting 18-inch guns,
Project 13-16. Imperial Hobby
has a limited reissue of this massive (915 feet oa) design in 1:700 scale. In Box Review by Steve Backer.
USS Arizona BB 39 - On December 5, 1941 USS Arizona entered Pearl Harbor for her last time. Hi-Mold has just released an excellent 1:700 scale kit of the Arizona. The components of the kit are shown in this photographic
Imperatritsa Maria - The first Black Sea dreadnought of the Imperial Russian Navy was the Imperatritsa Maria completed in 1915. Lost to a magazine explosion in October 1916, this battleship is now available in 1:700 scale from
Combrig. This is a photographic preview of the Imperatritsa Maria.
Georgi Pobedonosets Imperial Russian Battleship - Launched in 1892 the Georgi Pobedonosets was the fourth and last ship in the Ekatrina II Class. A ship ahead of its time, she was armed with six twelve-inch guns mounted in
three turrets. This is a photographic preview of the new kit in 1:700 scale from
Shikishima, Japanese Battleship - Shikishima was one of the six battleships of the Imperial Japanese Fleet in the Russo-Japanese War. The 1:700 Modelkrak kit is reviewed by Hyun Yu.
USS Pennsylvania, BB-38, 1944 - This is a preview of the 1:350 resin kit of Pennsy in her 1944 fit, being produced by Iron Shipwright. Photographs show all of the resin parts. Photo-Etch and Instructions are not ready yet
(September 2002).
Roma, 1943 Italian Battleship - The last Italian Battleship ever finished, the Roma was also the first victim of a new weapon system, the guided missile. In-Box Review of the 1:700 scale kit from H-P Models by Steve Backer.
Marat, 1937 Soviet Battleship - This Russian dreadnought from World War One was modernized in the early 1930s. She was sunk in a JU-87 Stuka attack in 1941. The 1:700 scale kit from H-P Models is subject to a Build
Review by Steve Backer.
Retvizan - An In-Box Review of the Combrig 1:350 Scale kit shows all of the components of the first 1:350 kit by this company.
Andrei Pervozvanny- This is the last class of Russian Predreadnought and the only battleships to have cage masts, that were not built in the US. This 1:700 kit is the first kit from Combrig in that scale to come with photo-etched
USS North Carolina- A first look at all of the components of the latest kits from Regia Marina, in 1:700 scale, the sisterships, North Carolina also with photos of the different instructions for Washington.
Schleswig-Holstein- The latest 1:700 kit from WSW of Germany is the German Predreadnought Battleship, Schleswig-Holstein in her 1939 fit, when the fired the first shots of World War Two. This "First Look" photographic
survey shows all of the components of the model.
The Pitroad/Hi-Mold model of the USS Tennessee, BB-43, 1941 in 1:700 scale is the subject of this build review by Steve Backer.
SMS Goeben / Moltke A first look at all of the components of the NNT 1:700 scale model of the Battlecruiser of the High Seas Fleet.
First Look at the components of the USS Tennessee, BB-43, 1941, 1:700, released by Pit-Road/Hi Mold.
USS Arizona, BB-39, Iron Shipwright/Toms 1:350 Scale. Iron Shipwright will be releasing 1:350 kits of all eight battleships that were at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941. This is a look at the first of the Pacific
Fleet Battle Line.
YS Master Pieces, USS Oregon, BB-3, 1898 First Look at the components of this one piece, full hull 1:350 Scale resin model. Found in the Reviews Section.
H-P Models, USS Pennsylvania, BB-38, 1943 First Look at the components of the kit.
Kombrig 1:700 Oslyabya vs Modelkrak 1:700 Peresvet: buildup reviews/comparison by Steve Backer
WSW 1:700 French Battlecruiser Strasbourg buildup review by David Lilly
Admiral Graf Spee, German Panzerschiffe 1939, Commanders/Iron Cruiser 1:350 Scale
Arizona BB-39, USN Battleship 1941, Banner 1:350 Scale
Arizona BB-39, USN Battleship 1921, Toms Modelworks 1:350 Scale
Arizona BB-39, USN Battleship 1941, Classic Warships 1:700 Scale
Baden, German Battleship 1917, WSW 1:700 Scale
Bismarck, German Battleship 1941, Samek 1:700 Scale
Derfflinger, German Battlecruiser 1916, WSW 1:700 Scale
Dreadnought, British Battleship 1906, Steel Navy 1:350 Scale
Dunkerque, French Battlecruiser 1941, Samek 1:700 Scale
Dunkerque, French Battlecruiser 1941, Samek 1:700 Scale
Erzherzog Ferdinand Max, Austro-Hungarian Battleship 1905, WSW 1:700
Fuso, Imperial Japanese Battleship 1942, Hi-Mold 1:700
Hood, British Battlecruiser 1941, Commanders/Iron Shipwright & White Ensign Models 1:350
Hood, British Battlecruiser 1941, Tamiya 1:700
Iowa, USN Battleship 1990, NNT 1:700
Iron Duke, British Battleship 1914, White Ensign Models 1:700
Kaiser, German Battleship 1914, WSW 1:700  
King George V, British Battleship 1941, Airfix 1:600
Konig, German Battleship 1914, ICM 1:350
Lutzow, German Battlecruiser 1916, WSW 1:700
Mackensen, German Battlecruiser 1918, NNT 1:700
Massachusetts, USN Battleship 1945, Blue Water Navy 1:350
Mikasa, Japanese Battleship 1904, Seals Models 1:700
Nagato, Japanese Battleship 1941, Hi-Mold 1:700
New Mexico, USN Battleship 1944, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350
North Carolina, USN Battleship 1942, Classic Warships, 1:350
Oregon, BB-3, USN Battleship 1898, YS Master Pieces 1:350
Oregon, BB-3, USN Battleship 1898, YS Master Pieces 1:350
Petropavlosk, Imperial Russian Battleship 1914, WSW 1:700
Puritan, USN Monitor, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350
Queen Elizabeth, British Battleship 1915, Waveline 1:700
Radetzky, Austro-Hungarian Battleship 1916, NNT 1:700
Retvizan, Imperial Russian Battleship 1904, Combrig 1:700
Richelieu, French Battleship 1944, Hi-Mold 1:700
Rodney/Nelson, British Battleship 1942, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350  
Royal Sovereign, British Battleship 1940, Revell/Frog 1:500
Seydlitz, German Battlecruiser 1916, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350
Seydlitz, German Battlecruiser 1916, Classic Warships 1:700
Seydlitz, German Battlecruiser 1916, WSW 1:700
Strasbourg, French Battlecruiser 1941, WSW 1:700
Texas BB-35, USN Battleship 1941, Viking Models 1:350
Texas, BB-35, USN Battleship 1941, Samek 1:700
Tennessee BB-43, USN Battleship 1944, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350
Tennessee BB-43, USN Battleship 1944, Classic Warships 1:700
Tennessee BB-43, USN Battleship 1941, Hi-Mold 1:700
Tirpitz, German Battleship 1944, Samek 1:700
Viribus Unitis, Austro-Hungarian Battleship 1916, WSW 1:700
Vittorio Veneto, Italian Battleship 1941, Regia Marina (Original Release) 1:700
Warspite, British Battleship 1940, Airfix 1:600
Warspite, British Battleship 1940, B Resina 1:700
West Virginia, USN Battleship 1941, Toms Modelworks 1:350
Yamashiro, Japanese Battleship 1942, Hi-Mold 1:700
Yamato, Japanese Battleship, Tamiya 1:700 Scale, New Tooling - What I want to know is where did the Tamiya boys get their info on designing this new Paula Jones version of the Big Y?  Ya, give it a major nose job, fluff its
hair a bit, throw some designer threads on it, and hold out for a million bucks. There's your new
Yamato in a nutshell. Review by Jim Gordon.
Yamato, Japanese Battleship 1944, Nichimo 1:200
Yamato, Japanese Battleship 1944, Nichimo 1:200