The Oliver Hazard Perry Class frigate USS Clark is the subject of the fourth volume in the Warship monograph series from the Dutch publisher Lanasta.
This series follows a common format – an English-language, soft-covered 48 page volume.

Oliver Hazard Perry Class frigate was designed to replace the U.S. Navy’s aging class of frigates and escorts that were built in the 1960s, which
included the
Knox, Brooke, Garcia and Bronstein classes.  They were designed as general purpose escorts that were inexpensive enough to be built in
large numbers. A total of 55 ships were built in U.S. shipyards, with 4 going to the Royal Australian Navy.  Additional ships were built at local shipyards
in Taiwan, Spain and Australia, bringing the total number constructed to 71.

The book begins with the first
USS Clark, which was a Porter class destroyer named for Rear Admiral Charles E. Clark.  In a break with tradition, the
Clark, which is the subject of this book, was actually named for Admiral Joseph J. Clark. This is followed by a discussion of the development of
Perry class frigate. Both the short and long hull versions are covered, but since the Clark was the former, the focus is on this sub-class.  The book
then covers, in a fair amount of detail, the actual ship and its various weapons, radars and other fittings. The Mk 13 launcher, the SM-1 MR and Harpoon
missiles, Oto Melara Mk 75 gun and Phalanx CIWS are examined in very good detail. The volume closes with brief chronological history of the
Clark and
its subsequent transfer to Poland, where she was renamed ORP
General Kazimierz Pulaski and is currently still active.

The monograph is fully illustrated with many very good quality photos.  The photos are supplemented with detailed drawings of armament and fittings. A
color plan and profile view is provided along with RAL color code equivalents for modern US Navy colors.  Sources for modeling plans are also
included.  The English text is very good and an improvement over previous volumes.
Lanasta’s Warship series makes an excellent ship modeler’s reference and this volume is no exception and it is recommended. Warship 04 will certainly
help you build a model of a short-hulled
Perry Class frigate. I know it will help me build and detail the Academy kit. My thanks to Lanasta for the review
Felix Bustelo
Prince of the Perry