The battlecruiser may have been 1st Sea Lord John Fisher’s brain child and realized with the Royal Navy’s HMS Invincible class, but the German Großer Kreuzer was
arguably the epitome of this new type of warship. While generally equal with their British counterparts in terms of size and armament, it was the measure of armor
protection that made the German ships superior. Classic Warship Publishing’s latest Warship Pictorial volume, Number 47 to be exact, is dedicated to these beautiful
ships of the Imperial German High Seas Fleet.

This book features 86 images spread across 72 pages and the insides of the front and back covers. Some of the images are colorized and one original color photo taken
about 1952 of the then museum ship
Yavuz (ex-Goeben) in Turkey.
All of the seven Großer Kreuzers are covered in this volume with the views ranging from overall shots to more detailed close-ups, all of which will be useful to
modelers. There are six photos spread across two pages, without a gutter in between the pages, which are quite spectacular in my humble opinion. There are also a
series of images of the damage sustained by
Seydlitz, Derfflinger and Von der Tann in the Battle of Jutland that show that this ships could take a licking yet manage
to make it back to homeport. Captions supplementing the photos are informative and page 71 has tables of statistics for all of the German ships.
Warship Pictorial 47 - German Battlecruisers 1910-1919 is an excellent photographic reference on these Imperial German High Seas Fleet ships. I would highly
recommend it to any modeler who is planning to build any of the
Combrig Großer Kreuzer kit or the Hobby Boss 1:350 scale Seydlitz kit. My thanks to Steve Wiper of
Classic Warship Publishing for the review copy.
Felix Bustelo
New York