This is my build of the HMS New Zealand from the Combrig 1:350 scale resin kit. Combrig instructions are virtually useless, so additional research was needed. I modified the bridge to conform with a
model of this ship that is in the New Zealand Navy museum and from internet searches for photographs of the ship. I used bits and pieces of left over railings but mainly from a
North Star photo-etch set
for the
Dreadnought kit. I figured that railings used on British ships of this era probably were all much the same. I used brass barrels for the main guns also. I used various bits of photo-etch for various
parts (deck winches etc) and some of the stairways. The anchor chain was from Tony at
L’Arsenal USA, and the restrainer chains were from the kit photo-etch. The Combrig kits are pretty expensive
and the included photo-etch is pretty average, but the resin castings are great and I really enjoyed building the steam launches that the ship comes with. The
ArtWox deck that I used is good also. The
Combrig HMS New Zealand took me four months to build.
Colin Swager
New Zealand