Steregushchy Corvette, Project 20380 - Russian Navy - Pоссийский корвет «стерегущий» пр.20380 - Combrig Models / Gwlan Models -
1/700 scale -
The 1/700 resin model of the Steregushchy Corvette, Project 20380 - Russian Navy - Pоссийский корвет «стерегущий» пр.20380, was
originally produced by Gwylan Models, although is now  available through
Combrig Models. The very well detailed single part water line hull that
includes the superstructure, deckhouses and the AK-630М CIWS among other details, is almost perfect and only requires minor corrections. Included
in this kit is are the remaining resin parts needed to complete this model, namely the forward mast and aft mast on helicopter hangar roof, Arsenal A-
190 100mm gun, Kashtan CIWS, SS-N-25 quadruple missile launcher, RHIB, ship boat, fire control radar etc.

As for the photo-etch parts, the model provides railings and helicopter safety nets, SS-N-25 blast doors, TT hatches, RHIB and Ship Boat handling
cranes, etc. This model represents the first ship of the class and it's the only one to have the Kashtan CIWS installed. On the remaining ships of this
class, the Kashtan CIWS was replaced with 12x Redut VLS cells (Project 20381). I used
White Ensign Models colour paints (hand brush) not before I
applied Tamiya Grey Primer, namely the Russian Deck Red M13 for the decks and the Russian Northern Fleet Grey M20 for the remain surfaces and
hull. The water line is a white decal and for the hull red colour I used Vallejo Model Colour 982 Cavalry Brown. Unfortunately this kit does not include
the KA-27 helicopter, witch in my case came from my spare box with photo-etch rotor blades. It was painted with the Humbrol Colours HU-145 and
HU-34, and looks great at the flight deck. Also not included is the 2x MTPU pedestal machine gun 14.5 mm, but I still hope it will be avaliable soon
The Sakura 30081 Pigma Micron Blister Card 005 Ink Pen was very useful to paint all details on the KA-27 Helicopter (as well as the Ship Boat details.
As usual, I used stainless steel piano wire (Gauge 0,12mm) from my grand piano for the antennas located on the roof bridge and helicopter hangar roof.
Before I sealed the all model with Humbrol Matt Varnish, I applied a very light Vallejo wash to emphasize specific details at the hull, deckhouses,
Kashtan CIWS, SS-N-25 blast doors, TT hatches, AK-630М CIWS, etc. On top of a wood base plate, I create the water effect painting watercolour
paper with Vallejo 898 - Dark Sea Blue and Vallejo 868 Dark Sea Green with two coats/layers ofRobbialac Gloss Varnish that usually use to paint the
doors and wood floor at home.

Sometimes we achieve fantastic and impressive effects with simple and cheap solutions! This is a very straight forward with fantastic casting and easy
to build project that took about to 25 hours to finish. Nice resin parts that fit perfectly and set of PE parts that once applied makes all the difference
regarding the final looking of this model. As for the decals, it provides complete markings for the first ship of this class (Pennant Number 530). If you’
re looking for the first resin model to build, this is the kit you’re looking for! As for the other modellers fans of Russian Modern Ships, this is a must
have model!
Ayala Botto