This latest release from Combrig is a bit of a departure from the usual ship model and can more accurately be described as an accessory.  This is a
very basic and straight-forward set comprising of three separate pier sections, twelve dock bollards and four mooring drums. Each pier section
measures 4.0625 inches, which is about 118.5 scale feet, and can be combined in any way you wish.  The sections have pilings on the sides running
perpendicular to the waterline and rails running along the longer edges. The parts are well cast with some pier sections requiring removal of bits of
resin film along the bottom. The rails have recesses to fit the bollards. Four mooring drums are also included to tie a ship up away from the piers.

There is no photo-etch required and there are no assembly instructions but the parts are more or less self-explanatory. The only thing missing is a
barrier to close off the end of the pier as shown on the box top photograph.  The modeler will have to use some styrene strip and stock to make your
own. This little set has a lot of potential uses in a variety of scenarios. It can be used in conjunction with
Combrig’s Soviet/Russian harbor craft set
Click here to read review) and other modern Soviet/Russian ships. You can purchase this kit from Free Time/Pacific Front Hobbies, which is the
sole source for
Combrig kits in the United States.
Felix Bustelo