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Admiralty Modelworks

HMS Nelson Crest, Admiralty Modelworks, Review by Felix Bustelo - So whether you have completed the massive 1:200 scale Trumpeter kit of HMS Nelson or the diminutive Tamiya 1:700 scale kit
or something in between, this crest for the ship by Admiralty Modelworks will be a nice touch to your model display.
Atlantic Models
Warning Circle Decal Set, Atlantic Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - It is quite clear that this decal set is meant to be used with the Royal Navy kits being produced by Atlantic Models,
which makes sense. The painting guide in the kit instructions show the style and placement of the warning circles, which helps.
Royal Navy Destroyer Hull Pendant Numbers Decal Sheet, Atlantic Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - This decal set from Atlantic Models is most welcome and addresses a
long-standing need for modelers of Royal Navy destroyers and smaller combatants. This decal sheet will give you plenty of options to dress up an otherwise naked vessel no matter who is the kit
producer and is highly recommended.
Blue Water Navy
Blue Water Navy 1/350 WWII US Navy ships and aircraft decal sheet
Blue Water Navy 1/350 IJN ships decal sheet
Imperial Russian Naval Flags, Combrig 1:350 & 1:700 Scales, Review by Felix Bustelo - This extensive decal set of Imperial Russian Navy flags and pennants is a welcome offering from Combrig
and can be used on any of their kits as well as kits from other manufacturers. No ship is complete without a flag flying from a halyard or staff and using the set for your preferred scale, your Imperial
Russian Navy model will be complete.
Commanders/Iron Shipwright
Modern USN Signal Flags Decal Set in 1:350 Scale from Commanders/Iron Shipwright - Are you tired of having your 1:350 scale warships steam without signal flags? Well Commanders/Iron
might have the answer to your dilemma. They now have available a decal sheet in 1:350 scale filled with pennants, signal flags, ensigns, jacks, fruit salad, excellence awards, destroyer
group & squadron insignia, not to mention the parson and the Judge Advocate General. Now you can watch the television series JAG with pride as your latest Tyco, Burke complete with Little Beavers
squadron insignia or even a carrier flies the JAG flag on the hoist, as the battling barristers fly into battle.
Dave's Scale Models
USS New York LPD-21 Hangar Bay Decals, Dave's Scale Models 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo -This is a very well-done decal set and it will provide the modeler with plenty of opportunities
to detail their model depending on if they choose to build it with the hangar door open or shut or the well deck ramp up or down.
Duane Fowler Decals
Duane Fowlers Naval Ensign and Jacks Decal Sheets by Rusty White
Gold Medal Models
U.S. Navy Supercarrier Decal Set, Gold Medal Models 1:700 Scale - Gold Medal Models provides a beautifully designed and executed 1:700 scale decal sheet for modern USN carriers. Although
there are specific decals for the fossil fuel burning supercarriers, the real strength of the sheet is for the numerous deck and island markings for all of the CVNs.
USN Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier Decal Set, Gold Medal Models 1:350 Scale - Attention on Deck!! The 1:350 scale USS Nimitz from Trumpeter will soon be joining the 1:350 scale USS
from Tamiya. Do you have what it takes to join the 1:350 scale nuclear carrier navy? Are you prepared? If you don't have the two sheet Gold Medal Models 350-8D decal set for 1:350 scale
USN Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers, you're not ready.
USN World War Two Carrier Deck Number Decals in 1:350 Scale - If you wish to build a 1:350 scale USN aircraft carrier, Gold Medal Models has a new product that you will find invaluable. In this
two sheet set
GMM gives you enough numbers and names for almost any fast carrier that served in the Pacific.
Hawk Graphics
Modern Royal Navy Hull Numbers Decal Sheet, Hawk Graphics 1:600 Scale - Hawk Graphics has a decal sheet specifically for 1:600 scale modern Royal Navy warships. This sheet is numbered
D6001 and consists of three sizes of black numbers on white outlines.
Modern USN Low Visibility (Lo-Viz) Hull Numbers, Hawk Graphics 1:350 Scale - Hawk Graphics has produced a decal sheet in 1:350 scale of Lo-Viz hull numbers of the USN. The sheet is Hawk
D3507 and has hull numbers in three sizes, large, medium and small.
Hull Numbers for WW2 Commonwealth Destroyers and Frigates, Hawk Graphics 1:350 Scale - Hawk Graphics has produced a line of decals emphasizing RN, RCN and RAN subjects as well as
modern USN markings. This sheet is set D3505 and presents 1:350 scale hull numbers and letters for World War Two British Commonwealth destroyers and frigates.  
JAG 1:350 Scale Modern USN Decals - Peter Van Buren compares the kit decals from the 1:350 scale Panda Arleigh Burke with the Modern USN Decals Sheet from JAG.
US Army Star & Red Cross Decal Set, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - This is a good decal set to have if you plan to use 1/350 scale American vehicles from L’Arsenal or other
manufacturers and it provides enough markings to apply on a fleet of vehicles. Though my sample had issues with the protective paper adhering to the decals, this may not happen to others and it
shouldn’t deter you from getting one.
French WWII Hull Numbers, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, Set DEC 700-02 - For modelers of the Marine Nationale of World War Two, L'Arsenal now produces a 1:700 scale decal sheet for the numbers
used on the hull sides of French destroyers and torpedo boats, Set DEC 700-02.
Boot Topping Decal Sheet - This large decal sheet produced by L'Arsenal was designed to provide boot topping stripes for 1:350 to 1:400 scales. The sheet provides decals of the stripes in seven
different widths.
Navalis Aircraft Insignia Decals - Paul Jacobs looks at the four new aircraft decal sheets from Navalis Models. The sheets are for Early USN (1250-1), Royal Navy & Marine Nationale (1250-2),
Japan, Germany & the Soviet Union (1250-3), and Post War USN (1250-4). Although designed for 1:1250 scale aircraft, the large and medium decals could also be used for 1:700 aircraft.
Mogami, Japanese Cruiser/Seaplane Carrier 1:100 Plans - Navy Plan of France produces an outstanding 1:100 scale set of plans for the Mogami, as she appeared after her conversion to a
cruiser/seaplane carrier. The set comprises of two sheets of plans, plus a spiral bound book on fittings details.
USS Belleau Wood CVL-24 - NAVYPLAN, a new company from France, has produced a four sheet set of plans in 1:100 Scale for this Independence Class Light Carrier. Each sheet is eight feet long
and following the plans would produce a model over six feet long (1.91m).
Modern German Class 122 Frigate Decals, NNT 1:700 Scale, Set D700-14 -  NNT produces a set of decals for the modern German navy Class 122 frigates in 1:700 scale. In this set, you get some
common markings such as flight deck markings, warning circles, naval ensigns but the bulk of the sheet is composed of markings for the individual ships in the class. For each of the eight frigates of
the 122 Class
NNT provides the deck designator, hull markings (F207-F214) and ship's crests.
Russian Warship Tactical Numbers, Four Decal Sets from NNT - Almost every modern Russian or earlier Soviet warship featured very prominent tactical or pennant numbers on their bow. Finding
decals in the correct style and size has always been a problem for modelers who build models of these very distinct designs. Now
NNT has the answer with four different decal sheets of the tactical
numbers in four different sizes.
Regia Marina
Zara Class Italian Heavy Cruiser Decal Sheet, Regia Marina 1:350 Scale, Review by Felix Bustelo - The Zara Class 1:350 scale decal sheet from Regia Marina is a must for anyone wishing to build
a model of a
Zara Class ship as it covers quite a bit and it is highly recommended.
Starfighter Decals
Black Aces VF-41 1979-1980 for the F-14A Tomcats on USS Nimitz CVN-68, Starfighter Decals 1:350 Scale, Review by Steve Backer - The Starfighter Decals set 350-103 is a perfect set of
decals to decorate six 1:350 scale F-14A Tomcats as they appeared in 1979-1980 with VF-41
Black Aces aboard USS Nimitz CVN-68. All of the markings needed to jazz up your Tomcats are included
on this sheet.
USS Enterprise CVN-65, Ship Decals 1962-2001, Starfighter Decals 1:700 Scale - Its all here! Whether original beehive dome island or her combat configuration in the Gulf War, USS Enterprise
CVN-65 flight deck, hull and island decals for four decades of operations are on the decal set from
Starfighter Decals in 1:700 scale. All you need to do is choose the period in the life of the Big E.
VA-82 Marauders, A7-E Corsair II, 1978 to 1981 Squadron Decals, Starfighter Decals 1:350 Scale - It was at the height of the Vietnamese War when on May 1, 1967 that Light Attack Squadron
VA-82 Marauders was established. Starfighter Decals produces a set of 1:350 scale decals for the A7-E aircraft of the Marauders for 1978-1981 when VA-82 was serving aboard USS Nimitz.
During this time the Iranian hostage crisis erupted.
Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier Deck & Island Decals, Starfighter Decals 1:700 Scale - The Starfighter Decals sheet for 1:700 scale Nimitz Class carriers provides a perfect solution for any modeler
wishing to expand their horizons from the box contents.
Post World War II Essex Class Aircraft Carriers, Starfighter Decals 1:700 Scale Set 700-70B - The Starfighter Decals set 700-70B is invaluable in allowing the modeler to accurately depict any of the
post World War Two
Essex class carriers. With two sheets of decals, both ship-specific and commonly shared, this one set will provide enough accurate decals to depict multiple members of the class.
USS Truman, Air  Wing 3 Decals, Starfighter Decals 1:700 Scale - When it comes to intricate detail done to an exhaustive level of completeness, in the decal world no one does it better than
Starfighter Decals. Here is another one of their incredible products, set 700-46 Carrier Air Wing 3 2004-2005 for the air wing of the USS Truman CVN-75.
Modern USN Generic Carrier Deck Vehicle Markings, Starfighters Decals 1:350 Scale, Set 350-300 - With Starfighter Decals you have a great variety of carrier and aircraft decals but what about
your deck tractors. They too have unique markings that have not been done until now. Who is the producer? Well,
Starfighter Decals of course. Set 350-300 provides generic USN carrier deck
vehicle markings.
USS Oriskany CVA-34, Decal Sheet with Air Wing 16, Starfighter Decals 1:700 Scale - As always, Starfighter Decals provides great value for the money. Set 700-13 is designed for a 1:700 scale
Essex class USS Oriskany in her 1966 to 1968 tour. The set includes 78 unique sets of markings from the nine squadrons of Air Wing 16 carried by the Mighty O during this period.
USS Saratoga CVA-60 1962-1984 Decal Sheet, Starfighter Decals 1:700 Scale - Starfighter Decals keeps on the hit parade with sheet after sheet of carrier decals in different scales. The USS
set 700-43 gives the modeler what is needed for Sara to get her war paint on. All that is needed are the markings for the air group for the period you wish to model.
Carrier Air Wing 7, USS George Washington CVN-73 1995-1996, Starfighter Decals 1:350 Scale - Starfighter Decals Set 350-09 is a decal extravaganza with markings for Carrier Air Wing 7 on
USS George Washington CVN-73. These five decal sheets provide for individual aircraft markings for 15 Tomcats of VF-143; 10 Hornets of VFA-136; 11 Hornets of VFA-131; 15 Intruders of VA-34;
6 Vikings of VS-31; 4 Prowlers of VAQ-140; 3 Hawkeyes of VAW-121; 6 choppers of HS-5; and one Greyhound of VRC-40. By anybody's estimate that is a deck load, even for a super carrier and to
top it off, each of these 71 aircraft are uniquely numbered.
Carrier Air Wing 8 USS Nimitz 1976-1977 Decal Set 700-20, Starfighter Decals 1:700 Scale - If you really want to equip a very colorful HI-VIZ flight deck for an early cruise of the USS Nimitz
Starfighter Decals set 700-20 Carrier Air Wing 8, presents a wonderful opportunity to load a Trumpeter 1:700 scale Nimitz deck with color.
USS Shangri-La CVS-38 1970 with CVW-8 Air Wing Decals, Starfighter Decals 1:540 Scale - The Starfighter Decals set #540-37 will allow the modeler to outfit their 1:540 scale Revell angled
Essex as the USS Shangri-La CVS-38 on her last tour in 1970. In spite of her anti-submarine CVS classification, this Shang will have her deck filled with strike aircraft of Crusader fighter and
Skyhawk attack jets of CVW-8.
USS Hornet CVS-12 Apollo Recovery Carrier with CVSG-57 Air Group Decals, Starfighter Decals 1:540 Scale - Now there is no need to use those "Ole Yellers" found in the kit or home brew your
own decals to finish your Revell 1:540 scale
Essex class kit. Starfighter Decals produces a whole series of decal sheets for the classic Revell kits, including the multitude of Essex class carriers. Set
540-22 for the
USS Hornet as Apollo mission 11 & 12 recovery carrier includes two sheets of decals, one for the ship and one for the aircraft.
VMAQ-2 Play Boy Squadron Markings Decals, Starfighter Decals 1:350 Scale - Starfighter Decals has produced a 1:350 scale decal set for just a single squadron. Set 350-117 contains decals for
six EA-6A Prowlers for Marine Squadron VMAQ-2 "
Play Boys".
USS Enterprise CV6, Pre-War Markings, Starfighter Decals 1:480 Scale - Released in the late 1960s, the Revell kit of USS Enterprise did not suffer the flat bottom design of the Revell kits from early
1950s. The kit has been released a number of times and is not that difficult to acquire. With
Starfighter Decals set 480-2 a modeler will have all of the necessary markings for ship and aircraft of the
pre-war Big E.
RN Fleet Air Arm Decals, Starfighter Decals 1:600 Scale, Set 600-1 - For all Airfix Fleet Air Arm Aficionados, Starfighter Decals produces a decal set in 1:600 scale for Royal Navy aircraft for the
period of 1940 to 1944 for the Atlantic and Mediterranean Theaters. The decals include not only the various styles of roundels but also tail flash and aircraft letters.
USS Enterprise CVN-65, Deck Decal Sheet, Starfighter Decals 1:720 Scale, Set 700-09 - On reason that aircraft carrier models are so popular is that the deck markings of carriers can be as equally
colorful as the markings of the birds they carried. With
Starfighter Decals Set 700-09 you now can add splash to the Revell 1:720 kit of the USS Enterprise as built.
CVW-7, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Decal Sheet, Starfighter Decals 1:700 Scale, Set 700-16 - With decal sheet 700-16 CVW-7 CVN69 1978-1979 Starfighter Decals has produced an outstanding
product with great quality, great diversity and great flexibility. With one sheet 40 aircraft, each with a unique aircraft number, and in proper Hi-Viz squadron markings can be depicted on your
Dwight D. Eisenhower
in 1:700 scale.
Tru-Color Paint
Tru-Color Paint and the Combrig USS Georgia, Review by Steve Backer - Tru-Color Paint is true to its word. Designed for spray painting, it does air brush right from the bottle with outstanding
coverage. There is no muss or fuss in finding the right mixture of paint and thinner. All you have to do is pour some
Tru-Color paint into your air brush bottle or cup and off you go for a pleasurable
painting experience.
Tru-Color Naval Paints - Tru-Color Paint is well known for producing paint for model railroad livery and rolling stock. Now, Tru-Color is releasing naval colors, starting from pre-war to 1946 USN
colors. This is a preview of
Tru-Color's naval line.
Uschi Rigging Line - At the 2013 Telford show Peter Fulgoney ran across this product from Germany. Uschi Rigging Line becomes thinner as it is stretch and Peter believes it is better for rigging
than Caenis line.
White Ensign Models
Imperial Japanese Navy Greys: A Ship-By-Ship Compilation from White Ensign Models - That King of Color, John Snyder and White Ensign Models has produced an essential reference pamphlet
for all modelers of the warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War Two. Almost every significant warship is listed with the specific navy yard color worn by her and the dates in which
the particular color was worn.
Colourcoats Paints - John Sheridan reviews White Ensign's Colourcoats Paints