I've been wanting to do this model as a companion for the Patoka kit for a while. It was inspired by the photos of Shenandoah & Patoka engaged in docking trials in Narraganset Bay R.I. in 1926. I think it looks the part when hung up behind the Patoka
model, and I’m much pleased with how it came out.

The fuselage is cast in 2 halves so it can be hollow, and they’re done male & female with a lip & rabbet to make aligning them easier. The master was printed in the Shapeways nylon, which is really too coarse a material for modeling. This left the mating
edges somewhat rough and putty was required to fill & smooth the seam. Not to mention a lot of priming & sanding on the outside to get a smooth master before I could make the molds! Other than that it was a trouble free build.
Assembly took about 3 days, including painting & allowing time for the putty to set up. There are  some sort of slats attached to the front of all 4 control surfaces. I’m not sure what they’re there for, seems like the wrong place for trim tabs. But I
included them on the Photo Etch sheet.  The rest of the Photo Etch consists of the engine support struts & propellers. The decals include the 3 color Rounds with Stars, the various letterings & the Tail Stripes. They add some much needed color to the
otherwise overall silver color scheme.

David Angelo
Loose Cannon East
The Philippines