Here's a bunch of photographs of My Blue Tangier, my test build of this kit. It's not quite an Out of the Box build, I had to scratch build the upper masts, mostly out of thin wire. They are just too small & delicate for resin castings. There should also
be a veritable spider's web of aerials between the forward & rear masts, but courage failed me at that point so I didn't rig them. This is large seaplane tender
USSTangier AV-8 as she was on Dec 7, 1941, but in the wrong color. She should be in 5-D
with  B-20 decks, but I decided that was way too dark for a display model so I painted her in 5-S and did the rear deck in natural wood. I matched the 5-S to the S&S paint chip, and boy! She sure is Blue!
David Angelo
Loose Cannon East
Malolos, Philippines