Today is the 75th Anniversary of the Japanese attack on the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. Best remembered is the catastrophic explosion and sinking of the USS
. On Ford Island today, at the base of the Ford Island airstrip control tower that was present on that Sunday morning in 1941, and not far from the grave of
USS Arizona, is the Pacific Aviation Museum. Burl Burlingame is the historian of the Pacific Aviation Museum and has written a monograph on the USS Arizona
entitled USS Arizona DEC. 7, 1941, Rivetcounter 1. Published on December 7, 2014 the monograph is 64 pages in length plus covers and covers the appearance of the
Arizona on the morning of her last reveille. The presentation is done through detailed photographs of the large 1:96 scale model of the Arizona on display at the Arizona
Visitor's Center and scratch-built by
Don Preul. This model was commissioned by the National Park Service and  unveiled December 6, 2006. Many will remember
the stir it caused because of the blue paint used. Yes, this is the blue
Arizona. You can read the column written by Burl on December 7, 2006 about this model for the
Honolulu Star Bulletin,
USS Arizona's New Colors.
The monograph has four pages of color photographs on the front and rear covers, which definitely emphasized the blue paint scheme o the model. However, the 64
page body of the work is comprised of close-up, macro photographs of specific areas of the model. Each photograph, almost all of which are two per page, has
caption with elaboration of the photograph. The presentation starts at the cutwater and proceeds the length of the ship displaying the close-up detail on the model. Of
course this would be a secondary source but you are not going to easily find photographs that cover all of detail presented in this monograph. No matter if you are
building a 1:700 scale
Arizona or working on the 1:200 scale Trumpeter Arizona, this monograph provides the detail that will be invaluable in detailing your model.
Priced at $7.95 and available directly from the publisher,
Pacific Monograph, this monograph is an inexpensive source for super-detailing models of the USS Arizona.
Steve Backer