Type D Koryu Japanese Submarine 1945, Scratch-Built in 1:72 Scale by Satoshi Koizumi - Satoshi Koizumi likes submarines and torpedo boats. He is currently making a 110ft SC, a SMS U-350 and a USS ST Tug. By the way, these are pictures of
the work that he made last year. The name is the Type D
Koryu Class submarine of 1945. It was a mass production type. The mass production type did not have a counter-rotating screw. The scale is 1/72.
U-552 Type VIIc U-Boat, Revell 1:350 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas used the Revell 1:350 scale kit to build U-552 Type VIIc U-Boat.
USS Silversides SS-236, Gato Class Submarine, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Keith Scruton, Entered in the 2019 US IPMS Nationals - Keith Scruton entered his build of the Revell 1:72 scale Gato Class submarine, built as the USS Silversides
SS-236. The entry sheet said it was an out of the box build but in my opinion, it goes far beyond that. I especially like the weathering.
Rob Weilacher's Pigboat Paradde, USN Submarines in 1:700 Scale - Rob Weilacher has a fever. No, it isn't swine flu. He has been struck by Pigboat Fever. The proof is this Pigboat Parade of Rob's builds of Tom's Modelworks, Loose Cannon
and Skywave 1:700 scale USN submarines.
USS Grayback SSG-574, Cruise Missile Submarine, Blue Ridge Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Richard Sliwka, Entered in the 2019 US IPMS Nationals - The Regulus II, early cruise missile,  launch platform was a submarine. Blue Ridge Models
has produced a 1:350 scale kit of the
USS Grayback SSG-574, the launch platform for testing the Regulus II. Richard Sliwka built the Grayback out of the box and entered it in the 2019 US IPMS National Convention.
USS Cod SS-224 Gato Class Submarine, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Jeff "Mongo" Cramer, Entered in the 2019 US IPMS National Convention - It's time for the Big Pig. As USN submarines were fondly called pig boats by their crews and the
Revell 1:72 scale model of the
US Gato Class submarine is certainly a big model, that makes this build of USS Cod SS-224 Gato Class submarine a big pig. Jeff "Mongo" Cramer of Cincinnati, Ohio built the model in pristine shape, as if she had just
come out of the yard. He entered this beauty in the 2019 US IPMS National Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
USS Argonaut, Tom's Modelworks 1:700 Scale, Built by Rob Weilacher - Here is the 1/700 scale USS Argonaut by Tom’s Modelworks built by Rob Weilacher. Rob painted it pre-war gray and used the decals and photo-etch supplied in the kit. Rob
found the kit to be very well detailed and very complete (even optional parts for lower hull, props, shafts, rudders, etc).  It was a short but very satisfying build well worth the money.
Type VIIIC German U-Boat, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - Here is Kostas Katseas' build of the Revell 1/72 scale German U-Boat Type VIIC with the Eduard interior set and the Pontos photo-etch set .
Type XXI U-Boat, Dragon 1:350 Scale, Built by Jose Morales - No sweat pig-boat fans, the 2017 Free Time Hobbies Fall Festival and Show also had a submarine entry. Jose Morales built the Dragon 1:350 scale kit of a German Type XXI U-Boat.
The detail and precision of the panel lines and flood voids is just fantastic.
Type IIB German Submarine, ICM 1:144 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas decided to take a small break from his storm tossed sea bases with his build of a Type IIB German submarine coming into port in calm water. He used the ICM
1:144 kit for the submarine and North Star figures.
HMS M3 Minelaying Submarine 1927, Samek Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - The HMS M3 was started in 1917 and completed after the war as a monitor submarine carrying a single 12-inch gun. In 1927 the HMS M3 was
converted to a minelaying submarine and it is this fit that is portrayed in the
Samek 1:350 scale kit and built by Felix Bustelo.
UB Type III, German U-Boat 1917, UBoatInfo 1:72 Scale, Built by Hans Koerver - The most common type of German U-Boat in World War One was the UB Type III. A medium size, ocean-going boat, 201 units were ordered but only 84 boats
saw action, starting with
U-48, cumulatively sinking over 500 ships. Hans Koerver built this UBoatInfo 1:72 scale kit, which he also designed, with a full crew of 34.
HMAS Collins, Modern Australian Submarine, Showcase Models Australia 1:350 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - This is Felix Bustelo's build of the Showcase Models Australia HMAS Collins kit. It is an out of the box build and it is a very
well-engineered kit. Felix used the ceremonial markings for her launching that are provided on the decal sheet to give the model a little pizzazz.  The model is mounted on a homemade wood display simulating keel blocks.
HMS Astute, S119 2011, Hobby Boss 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - This is the Hobby Boss 1:700 scale plastic kit of HMS Astute, modern British submarine with full hull or waterline options, built by Peter Fulgoney. The kit has a minimal
number of parts with more decals than actual parts unless you prefer the waterline option.
USS Cod, Revell 1:72 Scale, Buily by John Welther - John Welther used the Revell 1:72 scale USS Gato to modify for the USS Cod.
HMS Trafalgar, British Attack Submarine, Airfix 1:350 Scale, Built by Joseph Passaseo - This is the HMS Trafalagar built by Joseph Passaseo. It is an out of the box build of the Airfix 1:350 scale kit. The model was painted with Tamiya
acrylics and weathered with Humbrol enamels and pastel chalks.
HMS Astute, British Attack Submarine, Hobby Boss 1:350 Scale, Built by Joseph Passaseo - This is the Royal Navy HMS ASTUTE, attack submarine by Hobby Boss in 1:350 scale built by Joseph Passaseo. It was built out of the box, painted
with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with Humbrol enamels and paste chalk. Hull colored strips were painted on,  as the kit decals are too short. The figure in the conning tower is converted from a Fujimi navy officer.
HMCS Ojibwa, Oberon Class Submarine, Resin Shipyard 1:350 Scale, Built by Steve Vallis - This is the model of HMCS Ojibwa, an Oberon Class submarine in 1/350 scale, built by Steve Vallis. This model is built from a kit from The Resin
U-202, Type VII U-Boat, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Stephen Vallis - Here are some photographs of Stephen Vallis' model of U-202. This is the Revell 1/72 scale kit with White Ensign Models brass and crew figures from Revell.  
I-400, Japanese Aircraft Carrying Submarine, Tamiya 1:700 Scale, Built by Greg Agnello - This is Tamiya's version of the I-400 in 1/700 scale. Greg Agnello added some photo-etched handrails, hatches and figures along with some additional
rigging form reference photographs. The ship was weathered with different mixed hues of paints to achieve the desired effects.  
Surcouf, French Big Gun Submarine, Heller 1:400 Scale, Built by Patrice Legrand - You will find some pictures of Patrice Legrand's Surcouf. This French submarine is produced by Heller in 1:400 scale. This is the updated version with resin
part and photo-etched parts from
USS Gato 1943, AFV Club 1:350 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - This is the AFV Club 1/350 scale kit of the USS Gato 1943 fit built by Kostas Katseas. The Gato 1943 variant has two 40mm Bofor guns on the tower. The guns  are provided by
Zwaardvis Class SS-793, Robin Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Chen, Chih-Pang - This is the model kit from Robin Models in 1/350 scale of the Zwaardvis Class submarine SS-793 built by Chen, Chih-Pang.  She is service  with the Taiwanese
Navy .  
Lira Project 705 Alfa Class, OKB Grigorov 1:700 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo -Felix Bustelo doesn't usually build in 1/700 scale but he must say the OKB Grigorov Alfa attack submarine was a fun kit to build. The draft, emergency buoy and
rescue hatch markings came of a 1/700 scale Soviet submarine decal sheet that
Greg "Gunner" Stitz was kind enough to give Felix.  
Hai Pao SS-792, Robin Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Chen, Chih-Pang - This is the model kit of the Robin Model 1/350 scale Balao class submarine Hai Pao SS-792 built by Chen, Chih-Pang. Originally built as the USS Tusk (SS-426), on April,
11, 1946. The Tusk remained in US Service until 1973 when she was transferred to  Taiwan  as part of the  Security Assistance Program.  
Wilhelm Bauer, Type XXI U-Boat, Built by Chuck Bauer - Chuck Bauer built the Revell 1:144 scale model of Wihelm Bauer, which he built out of the box.  This sub was a ‘test bed” for him, as it represents his first use of an airbrush. On the
main hull he tried artist’s oils for weathering.   
Type IX-B U-Boat, Hobby Boss 1:350 Scale, Built by Werner De keersmaecker - This is the Hobby Boss 1/350 scale Type IX-B U-Boat built by Werner De keersmaecker. The, rigging added and scratch-built guns with photo-etch parts from
the spares box.   
Toti, Italian Submarine, Regia Marina 1:350 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - Basically the Regia Marina 1:350 scale Toti is out of the box with a couple of exceptions.  
U-552, Type VIIC U-Boat, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Joe Brannin - These are pictures of Joe Brannin's U-552, Type VIIC, 1/72 scale U-Boat by Revell. He put a resin pressure hull in because he opened up all of the flooding holes and if someone
were to look in they would see a hollow hull.  
Kursk, Modern Russian Submarine, Tamiya 1:700 Scale, Built by Thierry Jacquemin - This is the 1/700 scale Tamiya " KURSK  " kit by Thierry Jacquemin. He forgot to spray a gloss clear coat before applying the decals and the punishment
came: silvering... It's not visible too much to the naked eye, but photographs are pitiless. It's his first attempt at creating a (very basic) sea base, done with a simple aluminum foil.  
Casabianca, French Submarine, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - To the barricades, mes amis, opps, wrong revolution.  For this Bastille Day or La Fête Nationale or le quatorze juillet here is the Casabianca in 1:350 scale by
L'Arsenal. Now, where did I place my sabots, on to Rikers Island!
Type XXVIIB Seehund, ICM 1:72 Scale, Built by Al Magnus - Here are some pictures of Al Magnus' 1/72 scale ICM Type XXVIIB Seehund submarine. Basically it was built straight out of the box. Al added loops made from bent wire to the
upper fore and aft of the hull.   
PLA Type 33, Chinese Submarine, Hobby Boss 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - Here are photographs of Bob Cicconi's latest build, the Hobby Boss 1/700 scale PLA Type 33 submarine. Bob built it pretty much out of the box, except that he put
a photo-etch antenna on the front sail,  changed the location of the whip antenna there, and cut out the six windows at the front of the sail.  
I-400, Japanese Submarine, Tamiya 1:350 Scale, Built by Pappy Orion - This is the 1/350 scale Tamiya I-400 kit. Pappy Orion has added  White Ensign Model's photo-etch railings as well as the Tamiya 1/350 scale plastic figures.  
I-19, Japanese Submarine, Nichimo 1:200 Scale, Built by Phillip Gore - This is Nichimo’s 1/200 scale Otsu Class I-19 WWII Japanese submarine built by Phillip Gore.  I-19 is credited with sinking the American aircraft carrier USS Wasp in
September 1942, during the battle of the Eastern Solomons.
U-201 July 15, 1941, Revell 1:72 Scale, Diorama by Nicolas Dupont - Here are photos of a diorama which shows the U-201. It was on July 15th 1942 in the middle of the  Atlantic Ocean , when the U-201 commanded by the captain Aldaber
Scnhnee, stopped the British tanker,
Yeoman. Nicolas Dupont built the Revell 1:72 scale Type VII in a diorama and photographed it in a period photograph appearance.   
USS Cochino SS-345 Guppy II Spy Submarine, Yankee Model Works 1:350 Scale, Converted by Tony Bunch - These are photographs of the 1/350 scale Yankee Model Works USS Dace kit built as GUPPYII USS Cochino SS-345 by Tony
.   Some sail work done, limber holes forward filled, sonar dome added, re-shaped bow, deck details added per photo of Cochino last seen.   Time to build 3 months.   Subs are cool!    
U-84 Type VII U-Boat, Revell 1:125 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - These are photos of the U-84 that Bob Cicconi built for Garth Connelly. It was modified from the 1:125 Revell U-99 kit.  
Gato Class USN Submarine, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Jack Walden - This is the Revell 1:72 scale kit of the Gato class submarine. Jack Walden had a lot of fun building this one.
Morj, Imperial Russian Submarine 1915, Scratch-Built in 1:350 Scale by Alexandre Mazur - Here is a subject that you won't see everyday. It is the Imperial Russian submarine Morj in 1915. The boat is scratch-built in 1:350 scale by Alexandre
U-453, Gulfstream 1:350 Scale, Built by Fritz Koopman, Photogrsphrd by Matt Grzybinski - This is an old Gulfstream kit that Fritz Koopman  picked up at a model swap about a year ago. To keep things interesting he decided to fit her out as
U-453 would have appeared just as she left the Atlantic for the Mediterranean in late 1941.  
USS Tullibee SSK(N)-597, Dragon Model & Pattern Works 1:200 Scale - Ken Hart presents a truly rare work with this 1:200 scale resin model of the USS Tullibee SSK(N)-597. Paul Fisher of Dragon Model & Pattern Works, made only one
casting of this model and this is the one and only example.
HMS Ursula, Mirage 1:400 Scale, Built by Bruce Simard - These are some photos of the newest addition to the 1/400th scale Flotilla of Bruce Simard. This is the HMS Ursula, from the Mirage Undine kit.  
JMSDF Uzushio SS-566, Raccoon 1:200 Scale, Built by Ken Hart - Cast in solid resin, this 1:200 scale submarine model of the JMSDF Uzushio SS-566 was produced by Raccoon. It came in a Japanese-labeled box with no instructions and no
Ken Hart looks at the kit.  
Primo Longobardo, Ex-USS Pickerel, Yankee Modelworks 1:350 Scale, Built by Oliviero Voyak - This is the latest work by Oliviero Voyak. It's the Italian submarine from the years 1970/1980, the Primo Longobardo (501), ex-USS Pickerel
(SS524) of the Tench class. The model is in 1/350 scale from
Yankee Modelworks with some modifications.   
Enrico Toti SSK-506, Regia Marina 1:350 Scale, Built by Luciano Rizzato - This is the 1:350 scale resin kit Enrico Toti SSK-506 by Regia Marina. It was built by Luciano Rizzato, who also used the resin figures detail set by L'Arsenal AC
USS Sturgeon D&E Miniatures 1:192 Scale, Built by Ken Hart - This 1/192 scale STURGEON-class cast resin model is one of two hefty kits made by David Merriman and once offered by his company, D&E MINIATURES. Built by Ken Hart.  
Type VIIC, German U-Boat, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Oto Gerza - Here is another 1:72 scale Revell Type VIIC U-Boat. This build by Oto Gerza of the Czech Republik goes beyond the norm. Oto built his as U-667 but has gone well beyond
presenting the standard static model. What better way to portray a model of a submarine than to photograph the model underneath the water.  
Type VIIC, German U-Boat, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Glenn Cauley - This is a Revell 1/72 scale model of U-625 that was sunk on March 10, 1944 off the coast of Ireland by Sunderland flying boat EK591 of 422 Squadron RCAF. Glenn
built the kit for his father, Frank Cauley, who was the navigator aboard the Sunderland. He started this project in December 2005 as a present for his father, and presented the finished version to him on Christmas Day 2006.
Type VIIC/41, German U-Boat, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Ethan Davis - Here are photos of the recently completed Revell Type VIIC/41 German U-Boat in 1:72 scale, built by Ethan Davis. His USN Gato class sub from Revell, also in 1:72 scale,
is along side.  
USS Sea Tiger, Gato Class from Operation Petticoat, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Chris Hartman - This is the Revell 1/72 scale Gato. Chris Hartman built her as the USS Sea Tiger from Operation: Petticoat.  
Gato Class USN Submarine, Revell 1:72 Scale, Tom Dunbar Starts the Big'Un - Tom Dunbar was waiting for views of the new 1:72 scale Gato Class submarine from Revell of Germany. Since none were forthcoming Tom jumped in with
photographs of his first three hours of building this gigantic model.  
USS Icefish SS-367, Revell Lionfish Conversion, Built by Bob Cicconi - This is the Revell 1/175 scale Lionfish converted into the Icefish, SS-367, as she appeared in 1945.  Bob Cicconi used the Nautilus Icefish conversion resin kit, their wooden
deck, and their SM-02 photo etch set.  
S-Boat, USN Submarine, Combat Models 1:72 Scale, Built by Mario Grima - The late Combat Models made an assortment of very exotic 1/72 vacuformed submarine & aircraft kits. These submarine vacuformed kits came in a form of thin plastic
styrene like sheets with the section halves of clear hulls formed and a plan sheet. The smooth hull sections have to be cut out from a styrene sheet and glued together.
Mario Grima takes a look at their S-Boat kit.
Type IIC, German Coastal Submarine, Mirage 1:400 Scale, Built by Aidan Campbell - Aidan Campbell is a professional miniaturist working mainly as a figure sculptor for various retailers and model manufacturers. This is his first attempt at a
maritime subject. The model is a Mirage
Type IIC coastal U-Boat in 1:400 scale.
USS Lionfish, Revell Kit, Built by Leslie Foran - This is the model of the USS Lionfish. It was built by Leslie Foran from the Revell kit and modified to better represent the prototype on display at Fall River, Massachusetts.
X-1, Royal Navy Midget Submarine, Combat Subs 1:72 Scale, Built by Bruce Simard - Several years ago, Bruce Simard happened on an advertisement for Combat Sub's 1/72 scale Royal Navy X-1 Midget Sub. This was purchased through
acific Front Hobbies. Like most small resin companies, the supply from Combat Subs was spotty at best, and there was a 18 month delay. In Bruce's opinion, it was well worth the wait.
Narodovolets D-2, Soviet Submarine 1929, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter FulgoneyPeter Fulgoney built the Combrig 1:700 scale D Class Soviet submarine Narodovolets D-2 in the full hull version. The model is photographed to
represent the submarine under water.
USS Amberjack SS-522, Guppy II USN Submarine, Modified Revell Lionfish by Mike Keating - This is a modified Revell Lionfish. She has been modified to a Guppy II, Tench, USS Amberjack (SS-522) by Mike Keating. Mike also modified the
starboard side to show a scratch-built interior.
Type VII-C U-Boat, Revell 1:125 Scale - This is a Type VII-C U-Boat built by Guillermo Martinez. The model is the old Revell 1:125 scale kit, extensively modified to make it a standard U-boot in March-April 1943, at the peak of the Battle of the
Atlantic .
Akula Class Russian Submarine, Mad Pete Joins the Red Banner Northern Fleet, Alanger 1:350 ScaleKrasney Piotr is at it again, as Mad Pete joins the Red Banner Northern Fleet with his build of the Alanger (ICM) 1:350 scale Akula Class
Russian attack submarine.
Peter Hall calls this a “quick build”. Most modelers would wish their deliberate builds were as good as his “quick build”. What is more amazing is that he has time to build a model with his huge workload of designing photo-
etch frets and model masters for
White Ensign Models.
Type XXIII U-Boat, Late War German Submarine, ICM 1:144 Scale - Bruce Simard built the new 1:144 scale kit of a Type XXIII late war German submarine, produced by ICM. Bruce tells a little about the kit and how he built it.
Toti Class Modern Italian Diesel-Electric Submarine, Regia Marina 1:350 Scale - These are two photographs of the Enrico Toti Class modern Italian diesel-electric submarine. Four of these small 536-ton surface submarines were built in the mid
1960s for the Italian navy.
Regia Marina will release a 1:350 scale model of the class, complete with photo-etch and decals at the end of October.
Type VIIc U-Boat, Revell-Germany 1:72 Scale - This is an outstanding build of the Revell of Germany 1:72 scale Type VIIc German U-Boat, built by Ramses Montes. The weathering of the finish is especially notable.
Tonijn, Modern Netherlands Submarine, Artitec 1:350 Scale - The submarine is the Dutch Tonijn from Artitec Models in 1:350 scale built by Oliviero Voyak. The sailors are photo-etched items.
U-96 Type VIIc U-Boat, Revell 1:125 Scale - This is the Revell 1:125 scale U-boat sold as U-99. Joe Passaseo chose to model U-96 as seen mid war. Joe did a lot of modifications and scratch-building on the kit until it passed his muster.
I-400, Giant Japanese Submarine, Pit-Road 1:700 Scale - Ralph Kuo of Taiwan built this kit of the giant Japanese submarine I-400. The model is by Pit-Road in 1:700 scale.
Type IXB U-Boat, Academy 1:150 Scale - This is the Type IX-B U-Boat model in 1:150 scale from Academy. It started out as a RC diving model but Joe Passaseo of Montreal, Canada discarded the toy diving gear and added true to scale diving gear.
The conning tower was rebuilt and detail added.  
Type 33 PLA Navy Ming Class Chinese Submarine, Trumpeter - These are photographs of the build of the Trumpeter Type 33 PLA Navy Ming-Class submarine, the Chinese version of the Soviet Romeo, by Mark Leonard. The kit is built pretty
much straight from the box, with the addition of handrails fore and aft.
K.u K. SMS U5, Austro-Hungarian Holland Type Submarine, Weiner Modellbau Manufactur 1:72 Scale - These photographs show the SMS U5 in 1:72 scale. This was a Holland type submarine. This particular boat was under command of Baron
Freiherr von Trapp, a name recognized since the film "
Sound of Music". Last year a new modeling company, the "Wiener Modellbau Manufactur", started producing the kit. Peter Plattner of WMM shows his creation through these photographs.
USS Skipjack SSN-585 & Scorpion SSN-589, Monogram - These are the USS Skipjack SSN-585 and USS Scorpion SSN-589 built by Mario Grima from the Monogram kit. The  Skipjack is built out of the box (OOB) and was  made similar to the
one on the box. The
Scorpion was modified in the scope/mast array and its tiny limber hole lines to the rear of the sail.
USS Seawolf, Trumpeter 1:144 Scale - The new large model of the USS Seawolf produced by Trumpeter in 1:144 scale makes its appearance in the submarine gallery with this build of the kit by Mike Pajewski. Mike made some changes to the kit
and gives you a run down of the changes that he made and how he finished the kit.  
ORP Sokol, Polish submarine 1944, Mirage 1:400 Scale - These are photographs of the newest addition to the 1:400th scale Sub Fleet of Bruce Simard. This is the Mirage O.R.P. Sokol. This is the newer kit with the resin bow. The model shows
her as configured in 1944 at Gibraltar, painted in the "PB-10" scheme.
ORP Sep, Polish Submarine 1939, Accura 1:200 Scale - Mario Grima found a lot of things wrong with the 1:200 scale model of the Polish submarine Sep from Accura. However, it is a large model and inexpensive to boot, so he extensively modified
the kit to come up with what he wanted.  
Vastergotland, Modern Swedish Submarine, Pitroad 1:350 Scale - These are photographs of a model of the modern Swedish submarine class Vastergotland. The model is produced in 1:350 scale by Pitroad. This model was built by Oliviero Voyak
of Italy and used a brass photo-etch deck crew.  
USS Becuna SS-319 & USS Torsk SS-423, Post War Submarine Conversions, Modified Revell Lionfish 1:144 Scale - Here are two models. One is the Balao Class USS Becuna SS-319, modified as a Guppy 1A, wearing its Electric Boat Step Sail,
and the other is the
Tench Class USS Torsk SS-423, equipped as a fleet snorkel boat, wearing its Portsmouth Step sail. Both models are built by Mario Grima from two Revell Lionfish fleet submarines in 1:144 scale and incorporating Mario's step sail
U-250 Type VIIC U-Boat, Revell 1:125 Scale - This is the German WW2 submarine U-250. It was built by Pekka Rautajoki from the Revell 1:125 scale model of the Type VIIB, modified to represent U-250 as she appeared in July 1944, operating in
the Gulf of Finland. The Russians managed to sink
U-250 on July 30, 1944.
USS Virginia SSN, Blue Water Navy, 1:350 Scale - Sebastian Adolf of Berlin, Germany, chose the USS Virginia SSN produced in 1:350 scale by Blue Water Navy, now Yankee Modelworks, as his first resin kit to build. Sebastian builds and
collects USN ships in 1:350 scale.  
U-35, World War One German Submarine, Blue Water Navy 1:350 Scale - Sometimes, in discussions of German U-Boat successes of World War Two, it is forgotten how successful the German submarine was in World War One. From being the
last major naval power to adopt the submarine, Imperial Germany went to being the major and most successful power to use the warship type in WWI.
Quintin Trammell has built the Blue Water Navy (Now Yankee Modelworks) 1:350 scale model of
U-35, World War One German submarine.
USS Holland VI, 1:72 Scale, Modified Commander/Iron Shipwright Kit - Mario Grima took the 1:72 scale kit of the USS Holland produced by Commanders/Iron Shipwright and built the USN submarine Holland VI, which hung around until
1948, by which time it was truly an antique.
U-548 German Submarine, 1:96 Scale - Charles Matthews is a true blue submarine enthusiast. He wanted a large model and didn't find one to suit his needs, so he scratch-built the U-548 in 1:96 scale. Every part is scratch-built, except the crewmen
and they were highly modified railroad figures.
Gato Class, Fleet Submarine, Tamiya 1:700 Scale - The 73 boats of the Gato Class Fleet Submarine were a mainstay of the USN Silent Service in World War Two. The Gatos and their derivative Balao Class were almost exclusively used in the
Pacific in order to use their extremely long range and endurance. The
Gato Class 1:700 scale model by Tamiya was built by Pete Randall.  
USS George Washington SSBN-598, Revell-Brasil 1:250 Scale - Guilherme D. Santos built the 1:250 scale model of the USS George Washington SSBN-598 Polaris Ballistic Submarine in 1987. This model was released by Revell-Brasil. As the model
started showing its age, rather going to the scrap-yard, Guilherme refitted the old Boomer. Instead of having the original full-hull kit with interior display, he razeed the kit to waterline and depicted her underway.  
USS Dallas, SSN-700, Dragon 1:700 Scale - Noted Kiwi, Pete Randall, took the Dragon 1:700 scale kit of USS Dallas, SSN-700, Los Angeles Class attack submarine and placed it in a sea base for a very attractive presentation.  
U-181, WW2 German Type IXb U-Boat, Academy - The Academy Type IXb U-Boat is built by Les Sharcott to portray the U-181. This high scoring submarine was taken over by the Japanese Navy at Singapore in May 1945.  
K.u K. SMS U-12, 1:350 Scale - Patrizio Carlucci has built an "off the beaten track" model. This white metal model in 1:350 scale is of the Austro-Hungarian Holland Type World War One submarine K.u K. SMS U-12 lost off of Venice in 1915. The
kit is produced by Hecker & Goros.  
U-31, World War One German Submarine - One of a class of eleven large ocean-going U-Boats, the U-31 was lost to a mine. Mario Grima has built an 1:72 scale model of the U-31. The hull is from Combat Models but Mario scratch-built the rest
from many other sources, from brass rods to tuna cans.  
U-826, Type VIIC Mod IV - Mirage, a Polish company producing a series of injection plastic warship kits in the Continental scale of 1:400, has a significant number of warship kits and their line is still growing. Quite a number of them are models of
Bruce Simard gives Mirage high marks and displays one of their products in his build of the 1:400 scale Mirage kit of U-826, Type VIIC, Mod IV German World War Two U-Boat.  
HMCS Grilse, Modified Balao Class 1962 - The HMCS Grilse started in 1943 as the Balao Class USS Burrfish. The boat was acquired by the Royal Canadian Navy and served from 1961 to 1969. Ryan Cameron has built an 1:96 scale model of the
HMCS Grilse. Ryan started with a commercial Balao Class hull and scratch-built everything else.
USS Thresher, SSN-593, The Doomed Submarine - The Thresher Class Attack Submarines were vastly improved from the earlier Skipjack Class and were the first USN submarines designed to specialize in ASW. Unfortunately, their excellent
qualities were completely overshadowed by the loss of the
Thresher in diving tests. At Battleship Park in Mobile, Alabama, not only can you see the USS Alabama BB-60, but also you can see many beautiful displays, one of which is the USS
USS Grampus (SS-4), Adder Class Submarine Torpedo Boat - This 1:48th scale model  of an early (launched 1902) US Navy submarine resides in the San Francisco Maritime Museum
USS Ling, Balao Class Fleet Submarine - If you think that a 1:200 scale Yamato is big, it looks like a flea next to this 1:32nd scale model of the USS Ling in 1:32 scale. This fully operational model, built by Mario Grima, is R/C controlled and dive
capable. Even the rust streaks are real.
I-14, IJN Submarine - Once again, Alameda, CA modeler Jim Gordon displays his remarkable abilities in this treatment of Pit Road's 1:700th scale IJN submarine kit.
U-161, Type IXc German U-Boat - To get the U-161 Type IXc U-Boat the size that he wanted, Charles Matthews scratch-built the model of the German submarine in 1:192 scale.  
USS Virginia, SSN-774 - J&D Productions has produced a large submarine kit with its 1:192 scale USS Virginia. Stanley Liu has built the model and provides his photographs and comments.  
Type 33G Wuhan Chinese Submarine - This was a one-off test bed for testing cruise missiles for the People's Liberation Army Navy. Doug Hallet built the 1:144 scale kit of the Type 33G "Wuhan" from Trumpeter.
USS Lionfish - Dave Henk of Jacksonville, Florida built the Revell-Monogram USS Lionfish and modified it with resin and photo-etch conversion parts from Nautilus.  
German U-Boat, U-99 - The Revell 1:125 scale kit of the U-99 is shown as built by Charles King.
The Submarines of Charles King - The USS Skipjack 1:230 by Revell, Russian Typhoon Class 1:400 by Revell, USS Hampton 1:350 by Shanghai Dragon, German Type 206A U-Boat 1:144 by Revell, and Russian Oscar Class "Kursk" by Revell as
built by
Charles King.
USS Gato - Mike Leonard built the 1:350 Blue Water Navy kit of the classic USN Fleet Submarine of WWII.
U-141, German Type IId U-Boat, Tim Reynaga built this Mirage Hobby 1:400 Scale kit and his build was featured on the cover of the March/April IPMS Journal.
German Type VII U-Boat Built by Tim Reynaga from the Hasegawa 1:700 kit. Tim built this kit before PE was available for it so he added railing with wire.
USS Pintado, SSN 672, #2, #3 Built by Mark Leonard from the BWN 1:350 USS Sturgeon kit.